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Among Us Tips and Tricks: THE SKELD

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A full, in-depth guide for both crewmates and impostors on THE SKELD. In my opinion, this is the least complicated map in Among Us, so I thought I would make this tips and tricks video about it AFTER the other two. Among Us is a game similar to mafia, where there are crewmates (innocents) and impostors (mafia). Among Us is really blowing up on Twitch right now, and I've been playing it a lot, so I'm hoping this guide / tips and tricks video helps some newer players!
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Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more! I'm sorry for being a little more discombobulated during this vid, college has been CRAZY. More vids to come soon! Is there anything in this game you'd like to know more about? YOUR INPUT WILL HELP ME DECIDE WHICH VIDS TO MAKE IN WHICH ORDER! Let me know!

by Zombie Rummager 8 months ago

Who would win?
-expert strategist and sleuth
-random who said ur color and started a bandwagon with no evidence

by No 8 months ago

The hardest task is proving that youre not the imposter.

by LagTown 8 months ago

I have tips for impostor, if you are fake tasking and someone's watching you and waiting if task bar will move, sabotage the comms so task bar will be sabotaged and you good to go :D

by heech 8 months ago

"This is the hardest task"
Mobile Users: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

by juliooo pablitooo 7 months ago

i canโ€™t tell if he was joking or not about the navigation task being the hardest. you donโ€™t even need to drag, you can just tap the middle

by Cringe Center 7 months ago

Me (innocent): *reports body that I found*

Everyone: *votes me*

by Legendary Gamer 8 months ago

If you are an imposter and want to kill in front of a camera without being caught, you can sabotage comms to disable all security cams.

by ItzWildKat 8 months ago

"This is comms, great place to die."

Yep, sounds about right

by HipFire 8 months ago

"This is the hardest task on the game."
Me: card

by vape cat 8 months ago

Steps unclear.
I died after being accused first round in emergency.

by TheInvertedMind 8 months ago

You cannot call emergency meetings when there is a crisis happening (reactor meltdown, 02 thingy, comms and lights). If someone sees me vent, and my kill is still on cooldown, I sabotage comms because it does not blow up the ship, so it's not that urgent. It's also a really annoying thing to fix. Especially on iphone.

by Reece Johnson 7 months ago

Dancin in front of cameras prove your innocence

Edit: unless the person on security is impostor

by Mikkel Garcia 8 months ago

"This is probably the hardest task in the entire game"
Wires on mobile is pain, the three colored circles that you have to align on electrical is hell on lower framerates, fueling both engines on Skeld is basically killer bait, the pain of child birth can't rival having to wait a solid 10 seconds on a medbay scan when there's nobody around to confirm

by MouraDeGroot 8 months ago

I have a tip for crewmates- If there are only four or five left the admin table would be very important so you can track if someone is absent in all rooms

by Hoodie Doge 7 months ago

you don't have to click and drag, you can just click on the centre and the task will complete :D

by Nafen 8 months ago

This is my first time seeing your channel, but you are actually presenting quality content in a good fashion, instant sub.

by Crashbug 7 months ago

Advice: if someone is watching the camera, sabotage comms so the cameras disable until comms is fixed

by Funtube MSM 7 months ago

Pro tip: if you are an imposter and a crewmate saw you vent and the crewmate heading towards to emergency meeting, sabotage the o2 or the rector so that the crewmate can't press the emergency button

by harrymonkidiopathic 7 months ago

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