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ZAYN - Let Me (Official Video)

ZaynVEVO photo 1 ZAYN - Let Me (Official... ZaynVEVO photo 2 ZAYN - Let Me (Official... ZaynVEVO photo 3 ZAYN - Let Me (Official... ZaynVEVO photo 4 ZAYN - Let Me (Official...

no one:
zayn: adding dusk till dawn at the beggining

by Cami Legaspi 6 months ago

165m are u kidding me . This song deserves more than 700m

by WeWakeMusic 2 weeks ago

zayn could be a great actor if he takes interest in it.

by anon ymous 1 month ago

If Gigi is not there in the video,we still have Gigi's doppelganger.

by Stuti M 1 month ago

Zayn had watched so many Bollywood movies in his early teenage , i mean c'mon look at his all music videos ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Sadia Tabassum 1 month ago

People are watching this like:
- in bed
- not in full screen
- reading comments ...

by Fox Games 1 month ago

I miss the twitcams.
I miss the crooked teeth.
I miss Harry's confusing tweets.
I miss Liam's update.
I miss Zayn's laugh.
I miss Louis' antics.
I miss Kevin.
I miss Zayn saying 'Vas Happenin?'
I miss the energy juice.
I miss the video diaries.
I miss the old One Direction.
I miss Louis.
I miss Harry.
I miss Liam.
I miss Niall.
I miss Zayn.

I miss the boys.


by Sadhana Acharya 2 months ago

Don't ask "Who's watching in 2020" because we never left
People who like this comment will live happily ever after

by Tech Guruji 3 months ago

i still cannot imagine zayn "flirting and kissing" someone that's not gigi

by Hasmin Gabriel 3 weeks ago

This girl is lucky af , isn't she !!? ๐Ÿ˜

by ZAYN & 1D 1 month ago

how do you kiss Zayn Malik on the frickin bed and recover from it??????? I'm dying just thinking about it-

by taesty vangogh 1 month ago

Let's see how many people are watching this at December 2020

by Huixin Donjie 1 month ago

Me:-Listening to this song peacefully.
*Zayn becomes Bruce Lee.

by Shahrukh Khan 2 weeks ago

Zayn should definitely act in a movie

by Arjun S 1 month ago

wait wtfโ€” the girl is wearing the dress in black that gigi wore at the fashion show right after she found out she was pregnant. but the show was 1 year later

by Aria Sokol 23 hours ago

Zayn drops his new single called "VIBEZ" at midnight!! Donยดt forget to check it out

by Katerina Kolacna 2 weeks ago

He might be the most attractive male on this planet.

by Nehway Sahn 1 year ago

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