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ZAYN - Entertainer (Official Video)

ZaynVEVO photo 1 ZAYN - Entertainer (Official Video) ZaynVEVO photo 2 ZAYN - Entertainer (Official Video) ZaynVEVO photo 3 ZAYN - Entertainer (Official Video) ZaynVEVO photo 4 ZAYN - Entertainer (Official Video)

zayn's music is something you listen to late at night, lying on top of your bed with headphones on, facing the ceiling.

by Sheyla A 1 year ago

Who is still listening this when it is "Nobody is listening"era

by lily angel 1 week ago

Zayn is far better looking than jb

by Rafath 4 months ago

Zayn has no idea...
How much famous he is in Indian hair salons since he's debut ;;

by lachimola lala 4 months ago

This song vibes 🌊

by Destiny 2 years ago

If zayn starts touring and promoting his music, its over for everyone else.

by vrinda patel 4 months ago

imagine Zayn Was An Actor !!!
He Already Made 3 Short Films !
1: Dusk Till Down
2 : Let Me
3 : Entertainer

by MaLik 3 months ago

Zayn drops his new single called "VIBEZ" at midnight!! Don´t forget to check it out

by Katerina Kolacna 2 weeks ago

I miss the twitcams.
I miss the crooked teeth.
I miss Harry's confusing tweets.
I miss Liam's update.
I miss Zayn's laugh.
I miss Louis' antics.
I miss Kevin.
I miss Zayn saying 'Vas Happenin?'
I miss the energy juice.
I miss the video diaries.
I miss the old One Direction.
I miss Louis.
I miss Harry.
I miss Liam.
I miss Niall.
I miss Zayn.

I miss the boys.


by Sadhana Acharya 2 months ago

Here before ENHYPEN Jay recommended this and still here after he recommended this.

by Skylar 1004 5 days ago

Let's see how many people are watching this in 2021😁

by Almond Lyrics 2 weeks ago

Who's here because of Jay of ENHYPEN??

by enhaluvbot 5 days ago

Lets be honest Zayn is literally the coolest guy in the world

by Miss D 4 months ago

What's the storyline behind Zayn's videoclips?
Entertainer-Zayn meets the girl, but he can't "afford" being with her.
Sour Diesel- Zayn steals the gem to get the money.
Dusk Till Dawn- The police and the ones who failed to get the gem are looking them. Finally, they escape.
Let Me- Now, Zayn has the money to "buy" the girl, but he just pays her freedom that's the reason why old Manny Ribera gets angry.

Opinions? A better ? Plotholes?

by Luciano Oscanoa 2 weeks ago

Who is here because of Sunno and Jay’s vlive recommending this??

by Arwa Bahr 3 days ago

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