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Being A Jealous Boyfriend In High School

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Don't touch my food, hair or woman .. in that order. Being A Jealous Boyfriend In High School - By Young Don The Sauce God. Go to https://buyraycon.com/youngdon for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon!
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#high school relationship #young don the sauce god #story time #jealous girlfriend

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I feel like Raycon and Raid are having a competition to see who can sponsor more youtubers

by Mr Sriracha 1 day ago

idc never date a girl who is best friends with her ex. that’s the worst feeling ever because it feels like she hasn’t moved on yet

by Elsas 22 hours ago

As a guy I can confirm “guys don’t get jealous when their girl is talking to another guy, guys get upset cause we know what the other guy is trying to do”

by Riko DeFriko 22 hours ago

My ex always had this guy friend she’d talk too while we were together. When we broke up they got together almost immediately. I wasn’t jealous, but I was aware👀 shit hit different tho

by Hacim 1 day ago

I won’t lie.... I was “friends” with a shit ton of girls my whole. It’s not like there was some bs excuse. But I get yo with women. My dad wasn’t around so talking to women was just easier. It’s sad bc I didn’t like any of them either but my homies would say atleast half of them liked me or wanted some of.... that. I didn’t believe it. Till I got older and thought about how people acted. Then I realized why dudes hated me and wanted to start shut for no reason. It’s bc the girl they was trying to get liked me but I didn’t notice or care bc to me she was just chill. I was just that guy. But I digress. Bc I never cared in the first place.

by La Parka 21 hours ago

Bruh this dude is the only man I know that can leave for months, then all of a sudden drop a song and then post a video like nothing happened and I love it 🤣💀

by Rayner Palacio 23 hours ago

Don man this Dominican dude was just being a Dominican that's how we are😂😂

by AdalGp 21 hours ago

This shi not even for entertainment no mo I’m straight learning from cuddys mistakes

by Vapist F 23 hours ago

It’s true my gf has guy friends and I just told her I didn’t really care about them and she doesn’t talk about them so it’s all good🤷🏽‍♂️

by brenden freyne 23 hours ago

Imagine going to high school, I was so smart they kept me in 8th grade to teach all the other kids.

by Herobrine 23 hours ago

I’m really out here watching a Netflix documentary about dons love life

by brady holmes 23 hours ago

of course the guy friends never cross the line... you’re like a 6’4 big jamaican man 😭

by Extro 20 hours ago

no cap dons story sounds like an elementary school relationship

by Lukio X 1 day ago

Love how he says no girl wants a weak man even though there are women trying to start a movement for men to be vulnerable.... but don speaking the real truth. so guys, when she says she wants you to be real with her, be real... but be cautious 👀

by Chine Nnamchi 1 day ago

I can confirm I am one of those dudes 98% of my friends are females and my friends like "u a simp u close with all these girls and ain't ever smash any of em" like bro just cause we're friends doesn't mean I like her in that way or she likes me in that way

by DanJamesFan21 20 hours ago

"I'm so turrible!" 🤣🤣🤣
Automatically my mind goes to Swoozie

by Runsprints4life 21 hours ago

"she broke up with me, never gave me a reason" yeah, no reason huh? Y'know don I used to come to you for advice but..you've changed man. You really turned south

by Bonnies journal 19 hours ago

Bro Don needs to have a show on Netflix bro. All the shit I've learned from him and used is crazy! I hate when his videos end cause that's when the story starts pulling you in deeper!! smh

by Mosijah Roye 21 hours ago

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