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Young Dolph - The Land (Official Video)

#Rap/Hip-Hop #The #Land #Paper #Music
From the album "Rich Slave". Out now!
Stream: https://empire.ffm.to/richslave.oyd
Directed by Paper Route PIctures
#YoungDolph #RichSlave #TheLand
Official music video by Young Dolph performing "The Land" © 2020 Paper Route EMPIRE

#Route #EMPIRE #Young #Video) #Dolph #(Official

YoungDolphVEVO photo 1 Young Dolph - The Land... YoungDolphVEVO photo 2 Young Dolph - The Land... YoungDolphVEVO photo 3 Young Dolph - The Land... YoungDolphVEVO photo 4 Young Dolph - The Land...

Plot twist: The cops arrested him for killing this Song

by SPIKE Z MEMES 22 hours ago

One thing ill never forgive billboard for is not giving C.E.O DOLPH HIS RECOGNITION..HE THE GOAT ANYWAY🤟💯

by trevor ingari 1 day ago

This is how many people been bustin dolph🐬 sin 2012🔥


by Anshul Bhuvan 1 day ago

Young Dolph🐬 is actually evolved so much lyrically. He's way better now than few years ago💯

y'all agree?

by Kung-Fu Kenny Family 22 hours ago

No one can beat the swag of Young Dolph.he is not like other trappers who are going viral by using A U T H E N T I C V I E W S COM to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees

by Scarlet Harmison 2 hours ago

Is it just me who notices this or nah that Dolphs songs have a way of teliing a story behind everything

by Patrick Pavon 1 day ago

Just Cause I’m a Black Man In America, That’s What Give Them Permission To Treat Us Terrible!!💙 (WHOLE ALBUM🔥🔥)🐬

by Nikki Taylor 22 hours ago

Waiting for the "all you have to do is comply" people to show up 🙄🤣

by Derak Kendrick 1 day ago

If your reading this your gonna be a millionaire before 2025.

by Yung Ibby 1 day ago

The hook couldn’t be anymore than the truth. say this is the land of the free. It seem like the land of BS to me Land

by Tavius Marseille 1 day ago

About time a finally Rapper Expressed how it feels to be a black man driving u still looked at u stole it even though u bought it. Then Breanna Taylor Rip. Daniel Cameron doing what job .u still black at the end of the day no matter what he say and get judged like a criminal once u out that uniform

by Mychal Pace 17 hours ago

Im that girl who be bumping young dolph loud ass hell in her car... i got deals to make 😭🤣 jp

by Lynette Patterson 1 day ago

"You ain't got no Morals, I don't want no dealings!!" Say THAT!!!💙💙 It's Dolph!!😍

by K Ferguson 23 hours ago

Some of y’all ain’t ever broke the law and it shows

by Levi Smith 1 day ago

Dolph didn’t sale his soul. Stayed independent salute to you homie!

by Chris Jackson 11 hours ago

Dolph's hustle-game is impeccable. Man stay droppin' bangers and his lyrics be on some real sh*t

by bay2bay84 19 hours ago

“Land of the free, seem like the land of bullsh*t” facts 💯

by Spotted Paw 2 hours ago

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