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[FULL/ENG] BTS Stay Gold Performance at CDTV Live!

#Bangtan Sonyeondan #Kim Seokjin #Japanese #ARMY #Film & Animation
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Yoonphoria photo 1 [FULL/ENG] BTS Stay Gold Performance... Yoonphoria photo 2 [FULL/ENG] BTS Stay Gold Performance... Yoonphoria photo 3 [FULL/ENG] BTS Stay Gold Performance... Yoonphoria photo 4 [FULL/ENG] BTS Stay Gold Performance...

For new fans

RM: The talented one
JIN: The talented one
SUGA: The talented one
J-HOPE: The talented one
JIMIN: The talented one
V: The talented one
JUNGKOOK: The youngest and also...

the talented one

by Idontunderstandhowyoutubeallowsusernamesthislong 1 months ago

The song: โ€œStay Goldโ€
The singers/rappers: โ€œPurer than Goldโ€

by selfjam 1 months ago

Jungkookโ€™s ,Jinโ€™s and Jiminโ€™s โ€œstay goldโ€ high notes are still shocking me!!!!!!!! This live performance is just a proof for their amazing talents thats it.

by Lujain 1 months ago

Everyone is saying "Why isn't anyone talking about how good Jin is?", But guys everyone is talking only about Jin and his vocals, lol.
I love you so much Jin

by Jeonmean 1 months ago

Do yall know that after this performance jin was trending and j-armys were calling him the "crystal voice"? He always gets appreciation for his vocals by grammys, locals, kmas....he is just so amazing.

by Rushda Azeem 1 months ago

jiminโ€™s voice sounds like honey bro i canโ€™t-

by beth 1 months ago

Those dislikes are from people who don't like gold and want to be other minerals

by spring chimmy 1 months ago

Jungkook never fails to sound better live. Also, Jin literally SNAPPED!

by chill 1 months ago

Sometimes I feel bad for Jungkook, he did so many for BTSโ€™s vocal, harmonising with others, no matter high note or low note he also performed perfectly, but people still treat his work as granted, I hope people can recognise him not only the name of main vocal but also his amazing voice his soothing vocal tone his excellent skills.

by hilrup 1 months ago

Dang Jin and jungkook hitting the vocals is going to be the death of me- ๐Ÿ’€

by Kim Sulji 1 months ago

Namjoon: Strong voice
Jin: Clear voice
Yoongi: Raspy voice
Jhope: Versatile voice
Jimin: Honey like voice
Taehyung: Warm and cozy voice
Jungkook: Balanced and breezy voice
All together: GOLD

by Anas Anisa 1 months ago

Jinโ€™s voice is so angelic and beautiful, he slays every Japanese song

by KeranThe9 1 months ago

UGH ! Jungkook's look is killing me Damn he's so hot !

by liti ssia 1 months ago

So nobody's gonna talk about Jimin's vocals. I'm so sad, bcos I see so much hate in these days about his vocal. And I think for example in this his voice sounds so gold and angelic. Armys, let's support Jiminie please!๐Ÿ’œ
And of course the other members are perfect too!!

by Milla Elekes 1 months ago

Vocal line doesn't need autotune, autotune needs them.

Edit (2): Sorry for not acknowledging the rap line but one thing I can say is they're LEJINDARY, peRiOdT.

by Julla Sinoben 1 months ago

ใ“ใ‚“ใชใ€็ด ๆ•ตใชๆญŒๅฃฐใ‚’ๅฑŠใ‘ใฆใ‚‚ใ‚‰ใ„ใ€ๆœ‰ใ‚Š้›ฃใ†ใฎๆ„Ÿ่ฌใ—ใ‹ๆœ‰ใ‚Šใพใ›ใ‚“โœจ๐Ÿ’•

by ้ซ˜ๅŽŸใใ‚‹ใฟ 1 months ago

Jin and Jimin singing"Stay Gold" line is wow ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ‘

by Cookie Pie 1 months ago

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