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Yoga For Hips & Lower Back Release | Yoga With Adriene

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This Yoga With Adriene practice invites you to go inward, uniting breath and body to cultivate balance.
Invite stability and welcome release.
Come on everyone.
Sigh it out today!
This seemingly simple practice has depth.
#yogawithadriene #freeyoga #yogaforbackpain
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Dealing with back pain or other spinal issues? Check out our Yoga For Back Pain playlist. It may be just what the doctor ordered..
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Yoga With Adriene photo 1 Yoga For Hips & Lower... Yoga With Adriene photo 2 Yoga For Hips & Lower... Yoga With Adriene photo 3 Yoga For Hips & Lower... Yoga With Adriene photo 4 Yoga For Hips & Lower...

Carve out the time, my friends! Let me know how your practice went in the comment section below!

"And still, after all this time,
The sun never says to the earth,
"You owe Me"

Look what happens with
A love like that.
It lights the Whole Sky"


by Yoga With Adriene 2 years ago

Adriene, you're a beacon in the dark sea of quarantine

by needleseye 6 months ago

It may sound weird, but I always like how you tell us to keep breathing in harder positions. Because I always hold my breath in those positions, and you help me with reminding me to keep breathing and keep staying relaxed:)

by All by my shelf 5 months ago

It's 5am and I searched how to stretch lower back and hips, as I'm almost in tears from pain. I watched this first before trying it (and read all the positive comments). I couldn't stretch as far, and it hurt every muscle. After laying on my back for 5 minutes before getting up, I could feel how my back was stretched. I've never done yoga before. Today, I subscribed to this channel, as my back feels instantly 50% better. Thank you so much!!

by Kris K 1 year ago

Sooo perfect for me right now!! My hips sounded like Rice Krispies the whole time

by Kristina Mandeville 4 months ago

Adrian really let's her personality shine in her videos. She's mastered talking to her viewers to the point where I feel like she's here with me doing yoga.

by BurgBuilds 1 year ago

I like the yoga exercises but more so I liked how you kept it real. Because too many people try to be perfect in yoga and I loved how you started singing rock with you lol

by Jarius Brown 1 year ago

My Mom and I are doing yoga together every day for over a week now, it's one of the best things in quarantine. We live far apart but thanks to Adriene we meet virtually every day to exercise together :) Best thing for body, mind and soul in these difficult times. Thank you Adriene for all your videos <3
PS: I've been having back pain for almost a year now, tried everything from fitness studio to changing the mattress and orthopedic shoes - nothing has helped me, but for the past 5 days the back pain is gone :))) knocking on wood ;)

by Sára Anna Ritter 5 months ago

Roses are red, violets are blue, Everytime I do Yoga, I feel brand new.

by Patrick Harrison 1 month ago

Today's practice got my singin' "My neck, my back.....release my hips on my mat."

by TheNubianHippie 2 years ago

When she said, “If you’re carrying something heavy...let it go...” 🙏🏽 Thank you.

by Sonji Brooks 7 months ago

And people, don’t forget to recognize great yoga instructors on YouTube like Adrienne, who not only gives us great videos, but doesn’t add extra monetizing for herself by interrupting the video with intermittent commercials. Thank you Adriene!
Great video todaY, just what i needed.

by Ms. Kathleen 7 months ago

Adriene: "If you're feeling sluggish today, just remember this time is so awesome. You get to like kick your shoes off and do yoga, right? You're not at work."

Me & Adriene simultaneously as we glance at each other: "Yet!"

by Kawa Salih 4 months ago

hugs to everyone who's reading this <3

by 7Blade Sky 5 months ago

I’m 71 and was missing my yoga classes so, so much! This is one of my most important discoveries for getting through C19 days. Thx to my awesome daughter-in-law for sending me this link! So grateful for Adriene!

by Jo McMinn 4 months ago

This helped me release a lottt of "that time of the month" low back pain and tightness. Thank you so much for your real presence. <3 Also it was adorable to open my eyes to doggy sitting his booty on your leg. So cute. And those twists with the leg over the knee, ahhhh so good. <3

by J O'Neal 1 month ago

Whooooo, this one was a doozy! Afterwards, I could barely stand up when I was taking a shower. I'm sure I'll really feel it tomorrow. Even at the beginning of the workout, when I was sitting with the bended knees, I was like hoooo boy!

by Baron Sledjoys 8 months ago

I actually got some (happy? sad? emotional!) tears in my eyes during the quiet parts. I've been carrying so much tension both internally and externally, that release was needed. Thank you!

by Russell Copley 10 months ago

I cannot begin to explain how amazing I feel after working through this video, and in general, how much your videos have helped my life. I have scoliosis and work with a PT on aligning my muscles and pelvis to a neutral position. When I am in a bad place, I find the right one of your videos, and bam—I am back to feeling rested, well, and healthy. Thanks for these videos and this one in particular today—I am able to rest easy and focus while working from home. Cheers from Atlanta!

by Jon Michael Schiavone 5 months ago

This was amazing! I have had a love/hate relationship with yoga my whole life, and I've only done it couple of times at my gym with the instructor. Never done it at home and this is the first yoga video I saw and tried, and I loved it. Short but really helpful for my very tight muscles... :D Gonna try this again definitely!

by Rosa Mari 5 months ago

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