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YG - FTP (Official Music Video)

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Produced by Swish & Larry Jayy

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YG photo 1 YG - FTP (Official Music... YG photo 2 YG - FTP (Official Music... YG photo 3 YG - FTP (Official Music... YG photo 4 YG - FTP (Official Music...

The children of police play this song whenever they get grounded.

by dead_bxmmy 7 months ago

Played this at school. And the fire alarm went off

by Pert Mätlik 4 months ago

Can we buy the white tshirt with the hanged KKK member?????? I gotta have one of those

by Kostadin Kostadinov 6 months ago

This song is gonna be in GTA 6 radio station .hold my words

by Dunarun 27 7 months ago

My favorite part of the song is when he says "Fuck the police "

by Dodgers Empire 3 months ago

Nwa tried to warn us in the 80s 🤷🏽‍♀️

by gabs ahmadi 6 months ago

"And for no reason at all, they elected Hittler."

by Lango langoo 6 months ago

Man Nip is written all over this song!! Nip would’ve killed it on this track with YG!!

by Derek Cabeca 6 months ago

Nipsey would’ve KILLED this beat with YG. RIP

by Bille 7 months ago

YouTube got an age restriction on this video but videos w/ cops beating people are ok, Smh.

by Steve August 9 hours ago

YG is stating exactly how he feels. Nothing wrong here

by easy bzy 3 months ago

YG makes a perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list this season.

by Corynn Hemmings 3 weeks ago

I think protest music is important, I think YG is a genius
- Nipsey

by FO Squad Kpop 7 months ago

You could never have Peace In Hell...

by Jamon Harris 2 days ago

Classic YG to upload some ignorant shit during this time

by HarryK 6 months ago

Riots ain’t gonna get u no where. “People asking for peace in a riot” xxxtentacion

by Haha Hahsh 3 months ago

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