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The Bad Batch can't please them! Star Wars gets backlash from W0KE audience they desperately wanted!

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It's May the 4th, and for Star Wars day Lucasfilm released The Bad Batch on Disney Plus. Unfortunately for them, that's not what their new audience is talking about. It's their new artwork for the movies. They're not happy about it either!
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YellowFlash 2 photo 1 The Bad Batch can't please... YellowFlash 2 photo 2 The Bad Batch can't please... YellowFlash 2 photo 3 The Bad Batch can't please... YellowFlash 2 photo 4 The Bad Batch can't please...

Anything made by The Clone Wars crew is a sacred treasure that must be protected from the woke mob!

by Digital Apple 4 days ago

This is the audience they want, they made their beds and now get to lay in it.

by Ashkihyena 4 days ago

Disney is so woke that they put Finn in the back of the perverbial bus by putting him in the background and now removing him.

by Nicholas Adkins 4 days ago

If the real fans are watching, then that’s all that should matter. You get the back the fans, you get back the revenue

by Broke and Caffeinated 4 days ago

I don't understand why the Reylo's are mad, they have what they need in their posters... Xd

by Streaming Live Come Fast 4 days ago

Bad Batch is what REAL Star Wars fans want. It was a great start except for one thing...Wrecker didnt get to blow up a Star Destroyer.

by Uncommon Man 4 days ago

its not like they made a fuss when cara dune/gina carano was airbrushed out of that artwork not too long ago.

by almonkey1 4 days ago

Let's be honest. Even in the movie Finn's purpose is to just find the real hero of the franchise and be lead around by her like a sidekick - and his relevance shrank with each new installment.

by MaverickhunterXZero 4 days ago

"Why cut out Finn?"

Simple answer: China bucks. They'll pretend to be woke when it suits them but really, do these Twitter fools REALLY think Disney is going to lose out on all that sweet, sweet cash? Adorable.

by Brad Starnes 4 days ago

You asked why was John Boyega's image was deleted from their twitter post but remains on Disney+. One possible answer is that Disney+ isn't yet rolled out in China but twitter is.

by Boogie Oogie Oogie 4 days ago

I don't understand why the Reylo's are mad, they have what they need in their posters

by FineCastle IE 4 days ago

This is the audience they want, they made their beds and now get to lay in it. 😆😆😆

by Watch Me Shower Now 4 days ago

I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney stole someone’s artwork off of deviantart and use that piece as the A NEW HOPE poster picture.

by The Doomslayer 3 days ago

Just sail the seven seas with us Flash. That way, Disney doesn’t get your money.

by Dingusdoofus 3 days ago

The bad batch first episode was actually good. You can tell it was made by Filoni and not Kennedy. I didn't sense any wokeness.

by BoulderDash 4 days ago

You can’t please people who sustain themselves with being perpetually offended. The “everyone gets a trophy” mentality is what led us to this state of disarray. Perhaps one day if this nonsense passes, it will make for great case studies on human psychology.

by Freedom Lover 4 days ago

"Where is Finn" WHERE IS THE PREQUELS but yea kinda strange that they erase Finn for the second time though or idk how many times..

by ItsMaxwell 4 days ago

May the 4th is a important day here in Danmark... in the 4th of May in 1945 Danmark was told (by bbc) that Germany had surrendered. The 5th is Denmark's liberation day but we celebrate the 4th with lights in the windows as a semi-liberation day.

by badgamemaster 4 days ago

I really don’t know why companies listen to twitter. You will never win with them no matter what you do.

by kim wiser 4 days ago

Sometimes I miss that hopeful optimism that was felt during TFA and Rogue One. They feel like simpler times.

by Kentiar 4 days ago

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