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Joe Biden to announce VP choice next week

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Presidential candidate Joe Biden announced the politician will make his Vice President choice next week. Yahoo Finance's Rick Newman breaks down the latest developments.Subscribe to Yahoo Finance: https://yhoo.it/2fGu5Bb

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Yahoo Finance photo 1 Joe Biden to announce VP... Yahoo Finance photo 2 Joe Biden to announce VP... Yahoo Finance photo 3 Joe Biden to announce VP... Yahoo Finance photo 4 Joe Biden to announce VP...

He’s so close to choosing the person he can almost smell her......

by Quint 1 days ago

I think it’s hilarious that there is a big movement by the left against the so called “systemic racism” that is present in the US, however, the same party strategically chooses their VP based on gender and race to gain votes. 🤷‍♂️ sounds like the Democratic Party wants to continue racial divide in this country. If you vote Democrat, your voting for evil.

by fightFIRE withICE 1 days ago

He’s gonna use his sniff test to pick his vp

by Wu-Flu Chan 1 days ago

He should pick Obama that way when he gets spanked in the election they can both shut up for the rest of eternity.

by Aaron Phillips 1 days ago

“Biden’s campaign team to announce VP” fixed it for you

by Shelbaar 1 days ago

He's not sure who he's going to pick, the DNC hasn't informed him yet, but he says he's sure hoping it's that Aunt Jemima lady, she's real sweet.

by Drink life Deeply 1 days ago

We all know he is not really the president nominee. I am tired of his games.

by Smelly Ass 1 days ago

In a surprising last minute twist, the vice presidential candidate is.... “Corn POP”

by Larry Motors 20 hours ago

Are you sure he'll pick one next week? Wasn't he supposed to pick one in July and June?

by Anna Torey 1 days ago

Who cares about his VP pick....I'm looking forward to the TRUMP - BIDEN debate on TV.

by USARMYvietnamVET1969 1 days ago

Biden can't make decisions. He was supposed to pick a VP months ago but kept postponing.

by Paul Reverend 1 days ago

If he can’t remember his own name,how is he to announcing someone else’s name?

by Ivan Fukinov 1 days ago

Picking VP based on the color of skin not content of character!!! That's called discrimination when one chooses base race and gender. Should of stayed in the basement.

by Thomas Cunningham 1 days ago

Joe has to pick a woman of color that will be able to accept his brutal bowling ball grip.
She must also be skilled in ventriloquism since Joe can't complete a sentence without f**** it up.😲🍳

by SJG SJG 1 days ago

Biden and his VP are only fronts. Vote for Democrats, and you'll be voting for the Chinese Communist Party to run the country.

by Martha White 1 days ago

his wife jill biden.she wears the pants.

by john probst 1 days ago

I’d rather vote for cancer over Joe Biden

by Aidan Daniels 1 days ago

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