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Polo G, Jack Harlow and Lil Keed's 2020 XXL Freshman Cypher

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Watch Polo G, Jack Harlow and Lil Keed's 2020 XXL Freshman cypher.
Beat produced by Jetsonmade.
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Credits, Directed by travissatten.
Produced by ritemediagroup.
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XXL photo 1 Polo G, Jack Harlow and... XXL photo 2 Polo G, Jack Harlow and... XXL photo 3 Polo G, Jack Harlow and... XXL photo 4 Polo G, Jack Harlow and...

Which lyrics from Polo G, Jack Harlow and Lil Keed's 2020 XXL Freshman cypher are your favorite?

by XXL 2 weeks ago

Jack harlow did exactly what Lil mosey couldn't . Mosey punching the air rn 😂

by Nasri Anglais 1 week ago

Jack Harlow: The white boy that hangs out with black dudes
Lil Keed: The kid who thinks he can freestyle
Polo G: the smart one

by Chris The Inkling [MDC30MUSIC] 1 week ago

I think polo g should’ve rapped on the beat, he killed the momentum.

by 1The1Shadow1 1 week ago

The ad before this video was better than Mosey’s whole career

by Emmet And The Boys 4 days ago

Lil keed cant even talk straight lol. Whats he saying.

by Kody Anderson 1 week ago

I love polo g but I hate when ppl cut off a beat in a cypher

by KingSuperior 2 weeks ago

Jack Harlow: poppin cherries
Lil Keed: coming with caaaadeeence
Polo G: philosophy of life

by Raven 3 days ago

Polo g pulling up his sleeves is better then moseys whole career

by knucklehead888 , 1 week ago

dj’s cut for polo g freestyle was better than lil mosey cypher verse.

by MrBoyyz 1 week ago

Pop out:*exists*

People: they should’ve put tjay and polo together

by Carl Wheezer 1 week ago

Everyone gangsta until polo g reads the terms of service

by The Kidd Kaz. 2 weeks ago

lil keed: eere i got lazzzyyy yeahh
nocap tho he ruined the whole cypher

by preztube 1 week ago

The Beat at Polo's Part is better than mosey's career

by xX MORTY Xx 3 days ago

Lil keed is the only person who can rhyme. “woo woo” with “woo woo.

by The gaming Raccoon 2 days ago

I'd give Harlow the n word pass cuz he wouldn't abuse it.

by ImagineSpazzin 2 days ago

yup the trailer made me have more hope for Lil Keed's verse than i should of. welp

by Action 2 weeks ago

Keed has flow but he doesn’t have bars

by Saqib Tymus 3 days ago

Can’t believe Jack Harlow did that “Keed Talk To Em” and “Yeah” adlib

by PNW 1 week ago

Lil keed and lil Mosey should do a “lil” freestyle together😂

by DRIPSAUCE 1 week ago

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