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14 Rappers Fighting Onstage

#Prodigy #Akon #Pitbull #Saigon #Music
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When rappers hit the stage to perform, the last thing they expect to do is fight someone in the crowd or even another artist. Take a look at these 14 rappers fighting onstage.
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Akon out here body slamming people at Radio Disney 😂😂😂

by NaturalMonroe 4 years ago

so pushing someone off the stage is called fighting?

by RonXX 4 years ago

Afroman carried about four galaxies and a couple of planets with that right hook

by Get Over Here 4 years ago

and who would of thought the most savage would be Afroman?

by Young Nino 4 years ago

I'm not shocked that Game is the only one that didn't actually fight

by I Don't Like You 4 years ago

Tyler didn't fight he just lightly pushed a girl into the crowd she was ready to fall😂

by Samuel Brizuela 4 years ago

wheres earl's hook punch? thats better than tyler pushing people lol

by Ichu ONE 4 years ago

LMAO Damn Afroman mike tysoned that chick

by Tony Greco 4 years ago

I like how 50 hit him and pushed the guy on beat,

by Kiara Robinson 4 years ago

Pitbull a rapper? HAHAHAHAHA

by Jobba 4 years ago

Snoop dogg be remembering them moves from def jam ffny like if you remember that game :)

by ZombotXIII 3 years ago

Tyler the Creator did this very elegantly i like it :)

by LA TIGRE 3 years ago

I like how most of these ain't even fights tho

by YungFatJeezus 4 years ago

All these rappers soft as tissue paper..... except Afroman! Dezzam!

by Deez Nugzz 4 years ago

Action Bronson got him in a torture rack 😂😂😂😂

by Bigshox 23 4 years ago

I believe Action Bronson's was staged or something with all those wrestling moves or sumthin.

by Jay Complex Kid Randle 4 years ago

afro man caused the million dollar baby effect with that pimpslap

by Moria Hughes 4 years ago

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