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10 Unforgettable Hip-Hop TV Interviews

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XXL gathered 10 classic interviews clips dating from 1993 to the present, including Jay Z teaching Oprah how to rap and Kanye trying to explain the Taylor Swift MTV VMA moment. Check out 10 iconic TV moments from some of hip-hop's biggest stars above..
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How is Sway's interview with Kanye not on here?

by Josh Rogers 5 years ago

I loved each interview, but seriously, for the people talking trash about Pharrell, he made it BIG TIME! Yea he's crying, but wouldn't you cry if you finally make that HUMONGOUS global acclaimed hit record combined with a highly acclaimed album? It's called love....and he feels it...I'm not trying to be Pharrell's spokesperson, but the guy has made so many artists look good and God finally said that it's Pharrell's time....think about it......

by THREE Letters ENT 5 years ago

These interviews don't match the title.

by silvabullet05 5 years ago

Yo MTV Rap was the show man over half of these interviews came from that show. Very epic. Oprah get props too for her impact as well

by BruhIt'sKev Rich 5 years ago

wayne's face when he said the doctor did 😂😂😂

by WithADashOfPazazz 2 years ago

Carter family always been obsessed with lemons

by Sachin Kumar 2 years ago

Biggie come back! I miss your voice!

by Suntylife 5 years ago

The way that ended with Snoop saying, "can't stop what America want." Gave me chills.

by AstralTweeks 5 years ago

Finally XXL starts making good videos.

by Micah B. 5 years ago

40th view

by Z B 5 years ago

2 of Amerkiaz Most Wanted 😎💀💓

by Roman Herrera 4 years ago

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