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Minecraft : Enchanted Shulker Boxes (Inventory Update Suggestions)

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This video has suggestions for a much needed inventory update. Enchanted Shulker boxes! A way to empower them and help with inventory management. Could Minecraft 1.17 could include these changes?
Shulker Box Viewer Mod (Fabric)
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00:00 Intro
01:22 Shulker Box Viewer Mod
02:22 Vaccume
04:20 Placer
06:12 Double Up
06:35 Backpack
07:01 Ender Power
08:22 Extra Inventory Slots
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xisumavoid photo 1 Minecraft : Enchanted Shulker Boxes... xisumavoid photo 2 Minecraft : Enchanted Shulker Boxes... xisumavoid photo 3 Minecraft : Enchanted Shulker Boxes... xisumavoid photo 4 Minecraft : Enchanted Shulker Boxes...

A mod was made to add these enchantments! See it in action here!

by xisumavoid 2 weeks ago

I feel like double up should come in three levels, each one giving an additional row of slots

by Kimball Belliston 2 weeks ago

Instead of โ€œfeederโ€ it should be called โ€œrestockโ€

by -_- 2 weeks ago

Personally, I've been thinking of "netherite plated" shulker boxes. It would make them immune to lava/fire. Maybe turn them into double chest size too.

by savdebunnies 2 weeks ago

Iโ€™ve always thought it would be cool to have netherite reinforced shulkerboxes, making them not burn in lava and maybe increase the storage.

by Logan Stewart 2 weeks ago

Actually, I would like to change the vacuum idea.

You have a shulker box in your inventory that collects everything that is not in your inventory.

For example, you have 3 hoppers. You place 1 but in the wrong place so you break it and pick it up again. Instead of going into the shulker box, it goes into your inventory bec there is the same item in your inventory. If the same item is not in your inventory, it will go into the shulker box.

by HTET 2 weeks ago

Since the Smithing table is sort of an "upgrade" table. Why not instead add "components" to the shulker box? Maybe a certain existing item(eye of ender for example) which would reveal the item? Just my own thought of course. The ideas you've suggested are pretty interesting other than enchanting the shulker boxes. Enchanted blocks sort of feels "off" for me. Feels like something from a command creation, the jack-o-lantern fits because it's wearable. But it still feels off for me tho.

Edit: Oh wow. I did not expect this comment to be noticed at all.

by Jerick Santianes 2 weeks ago

I just learned this man runs Hermitcraft! Thatโ€™s incredible.

by John L 2 weeks ago

Here's my idea:


I think that we should be able to see and access our off hand and our armor while opening a chest and any other interfaces (anvil, grindstone,crafting table...). The off hand will appear on the right side of the inventory and the armor in the left one.


Custom Placement:

We should be able to custom the place where the items are in the creative menu (for examples the redstone part is not practical at all; the redstone dust the one of the most used redstone components and it's all the way down) but with custom placement you can put whatever item in whatever place.

Easy Machine Access:

In the creative inventory there should be a button on the side of the inventory for each machine that you can use (all types of furnaces, enchantment table, brewing stand...). But the waiting is speeded up (furnaces, brewing stand and every other machine that needs a waiting are really fast). It's a really good way for new players to know how the machines works.

New category:

Next up i propose a new category in the creative menu with all of the items that you can only get with commands (debug stick, command blocs, structure block...) called "others" or something like that. It would be a great way for new player to know those items/blocs and a simple way for advanced player to get them.


The crafting part in the creative menu should be a 3ร—3 area and not a 2ร—2.

Finally in creative you should be able to see the items in a shulker box by putting your cursor over it and pressing shift.

by Jad Bghiel 2 weeks ago

"Vaccume" .. that is the best spelling

by fashnek 2 weeks ago

The 'Vacuum' enchantment you are thinking of is similar to a mod called '/Dank/Null', and it is arguably the best quality-of-life mod in modded MC.

by Josh Bancroft 2 weeks ago

Woah! It feels like itโ€™s been forever since weโ€™ve seen your default skin

by Cyrel6 2 weeks ago

Hmmmm, I haven't noticed that before...

by The Finkie 2 weeks ago

"Placer" could be made even better, or have a cousin: When holding the shulker box on your hotbar, right-clicking places the box down as usual, but left-clicking selects a random block in the shulker inventory to place. Useful for block-varied randomness, or simply to not need to refill the block on your hotbar until the shulker is emptied.

by mr_e12345 2 weeks ago

There should be netherite shulker boxes that donโ€™t burn when exposed to fire or lava

by Evatan 2 weeks ago

Perhaps instead of having a key for each slot there could be a single key to shuffle through and alternate which item appears in the offhand. Similar to how we can already use the scroll wheel for the main hot bar.

by AllrichDude 2 weeks ago

Definitely having a "quiver" slot to store arrows in would be amazing, not sure about the others. Maybe have an actual backpack slot, where you can equip a shulker (oe similar) to expand your inventory. Also yeah, the ender enchant is definitely overpowered: instantaneous item transportation. I don't even think the Reveal should be an enchant, that should just be how shulker boxes work. The Feeder enchant is probably my favourite though.

by Adam Lindley 2 weeks ago

I've been hoping for a while that the next big update will be an inventory overhaul... it has been needed for quite some time.

by Jason V. 2 weeks ago

My mind is going to be stuck on community versions of the Ender Chest until Mojang adds it in now. Maybe made with crying obsidian instead.

by Captain_Jeknan 2 weeks ago

Everyone: exited about the new update
Me: excited xisuma is not a strider

by Baldi 2 weeks ago

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