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twenty one pilots - Shy Away (Vocals Only) [Near Studio Quality]

#multitrack #scaled and icy #shy away #vocal track #Music
I cleaned up the vocals a bit! this is pretty epic.
links, discord - https://discord.gg/tDPKT2v6JB​
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#new song #vocals only #twenty one pilots #instrumental #pilots #twenty #remix #one #official #21 #isolated #stems #acapella #vocals

WrightP photo 1 twenty one pilots - Shy... WrightP photo 2 twenty one pilots - Shy... WrightP photo 3 twenty one pilots - Shy... WrightP photo 4 twenty one pilots - Shy...

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by WrightP 1 month ago

When you're down in the forest singing a chorus and from the trees you hear a

by Sarah Sauseda 1 month ago

Ahhhhhhhh, Yeaaaaaaaaaa lmao

by TIANYI LIU 1 month ago

the scream of "BOy u better nOT BE there" gives me chills every time, i fucking love it

by Ymir Shepard 3 weeks ago

lmao there's some dude who dislikes my videos immediately after being uploaded

prolly because they have no talent 💀

by WrightP 1 month ago

I think the only thing missing here is his daughter's voice found in the intro.

by Rene Aldea 3 weeks ago

Now I can not unhear it from the original song 🥲😂😂😂

by Toño Alcocer 3 weeks ago

Tyler's voice is amazing when you listen to it apart. that damn pure angel has me tangled in his albums

by morena ifran planas 1 month ago

and beyond. Amazing. Thanks for this video

by Rohan Naik 1 month ago


by clancy 3 weeks ago

Bruh hahahaha took me off guard

by Andrew Park 1 month ago

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