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Mauley G Feat. G Herbo and J Green “For the Gang (Remix)" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for “For the Gang (Remix)” by Mauley G Feat. G Herbo and J Green.
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Mauley G teams up with G herbo and J green to release the visuals for the remix to his hit single “For the Gang” produced by CashMoney AP
Directed by Goddy Goddy
For The Gang
For info, 1090_Mauleyg
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WORLDSTARHIPHOP photo 1 Mauley G Feat. G Herbo... WORLDSTARHIPHOP photo 2 Mauley G Feat. G Herbo... WORLDSTARHIPHOP photo 3 Mauley G Feat. G Herbo... WORLDSTARHIPHOP photo 4 Mauley G Feat. G Herbo...

Pray whoever is reading this will live a long happy successful life.

by Lil Shaggy 10 months ago

My best advice to all the youngins is to keep your hand game on point. Box, hit the gym, stay in shape. And stand up for your self win or loose. Especially if you're talking that talk. This world is a jungle full of predators and prey. Any sign of weakness wolves will exploit. When you young and unexperienced its easy to be caught off guard if you're not already groomed for this street shit. So stay ready and you aint gotta get ready.

by Phinelia Vision 10 months ago

Herbo Jus there for his feature money 🤷🏾‍♂️

by Marques Corbitt 2 months ago

New York x Chicago x Florida 😈

by SG 10 months ago

This song hits different after mauley G took a WWF chair shot to the head by his own gang 1090

by Jae KIDd N his 508 Cents 1 days ago

The acting in the beginning made me change the song lmao

by Jose Diaz 10 months ago

Jgreen making tracks with herbo now???🔥🔥🔥🔥

by Bigg Zee Inc. 10 months ago

I seen jgreen w herb it was ahh automatic click 😂

by AWILLBIH 10 months ago

my mans has a crackhead lighter

by AlexEBKひ 7 months ago

JGreen: “aye turn the bass up”

by Bee' Jay 10 months ago

J Green clearly levels above the rest.

by Tiger Woulds 10 months ago

J green carried this track

by Iris 1 months ago

Everybody got crazy on this song can’t say that about a lot of songs wit 3 people who aren’t in a group

by Shawn Hbl 10 months ago

Jgreen making sure he takes the main role in 2020

by Modified 10 months ago

G Herbo's verse was too short...

by KING UKOHA 10 months ago

@ that's what mauley g sounded like when he was getting stomped out by his own people!

by Jae KIDd N his 508 Cents 1 months ago

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