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Kevin Gates - “Wetty” (Freestyle) (Official Music Video - WSHH Exclusive)

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Exclusive WSHH music video for “Wetty” (Freestyle) by Kevin Gates.
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Wetty (Freestyle) (Prod by AXL Beats)

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WORLDSTARHIPHOP photo 1 Kevin Gates - “Wetty” (Freestyle)... WORLDSTARHIPHOP photo 2 Kevin Gates - “Wetty” (Freestyle)... WORLDSTARHIPHOP photo 3 Kevin Gates - “Wetty” (Freestyle)... WORLDSTARHIPHOP photo 4 Kevin Gates - “Wetty” (Freestyle)...

This the dopest ad Honda will ever have..

by AYDXROV DRUMS 10 months ago

"7..6..2.. Clip This a high power fiber optic firing object"...😩 🔥🔥🔥🔥

by rube718 5 months ago

I can’t be the only one who really thought he cut off his finger to save his hand, you never know with Gates 😂

by David Sanchez 9 months ago

Kevin a living legend man I swear

by merz Flex 1 month ago

“Crash site 7 minutes from my house. Rest In Peace to the Black Mamba” 💪🏾💯🙏

by Tray Molex 10 months ago

seeing someone from Baton Rouge rap on a Brooklyn drill beat is nice on god

by Anonymous Goat 1 month ago

I’m high but when he says cut off a finger to save a hand Ik what he means, he means he had to prolly much sacrifice someone or something he loves to save the rest or majority of things he love. Think about it. -

by Ya Boi Dawayne 7 months ago

why's every Kevin Gates song super hard? Mans a beast

by Joseph Beattie 4 months ago

“Tatted a face of a hater, was sadly mistaking, but kept it. Won’t get it removed.” “What Mr.T gotta think, if he see how naive I can be, he’ll pity a fool.” 🔥💯.

by AreYouOriginal? Hustle 10 months ago

“Crash site 7 minutes from my house Rest In Peace to the black mamba”.

by G Rawnimo 8 months ago

“I cut off my finger to save my hand & that’s how I got established” 💪🏾

by Drose The Great 9 months ago

Am I the only one that is waiting for the day this drops on iTunes so I can listen to it on repeat like every other KG song??

by bollweevil7_3 7 months ago

I’m from Virginia and trust me I was looking for that black Honda

by Malik Johnson 8 months ago

“Essential” workers bumping the shit out of this on the way to work

by Jay Gandy 10 months ago

This version has nearly 10 million more views then fivi's actual song. Shit crazy. They both gassed though

by D Rimz 4 months ago

“Now I Pay Attention To Whats In My Spirit Cus It Done Got Clearer It Tell Me To Move ‘Dont Give It No Energy, Don’t Even Mention It, All Of That Envy Will Come Back To You’”🔥💯🔥

by Gabriella Duran 9 months ago

“Crash site 7 min from my house Rest In Peace to the black mamba” to hard

by Joe Tree 4 months ago

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