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Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up [Official Music Video]

Wiz Khalifa photo 1 Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up... Wiz Khalifa photo 2 Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up... Wiz Khalifa photo 3 Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up... Wiz Khalifa photo 4 Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up...

yo this brings me back to memory, this was when wiz was wiz

by Jnel Comedy 2 months ago

Don't worry. You're not the only one looking for this song in October

by J STORM 1 month ago

This song reminds me summer years ago playing basketball with some friends chilling, no worries, no bills to pay.....

by Anderson garcia 4 months ago

This song is older than most kids who play fortnite

by MDPJ 3 months ago

Stop asking who’s here in 2020 we never left.

by Breezy Boy 4 months ago

I sang this to my girlfriend then she is now my wife

by abiel tewelde 3 months ago

The 21 year olds are 30 now , time moves so quick I'm 24 now.

by 2217251 5 months ago

Wiz is just wiz, got my mrs to draw a portrait of him for me, love wiz.

by Darius Mcp 4 months ago

The 43k dislikes are people who don’t have anyone to roll up on

by Nicholas Torres 5 months ago

Who’s listening in 2020 💪🏾✅

by KawaiiVden 10 months ago

Wiz had the whole early 2000’s generation dressing like him lol damn take me back

by Jasmine Martinez 4 months ago

Havent heard this song for a long time and now it hit back the days where all you care was getting high all day with the gang. Man! Time flies.

by Bob Ong 3 months ago

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