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Japan to pay firms to leave China | South-Asia News | World News

#wion news #japan to pay chinese firms #wion #japan #News & Politics
Japan to pay firms to leave China | South-Asia News | World News
Japan’s government will start paying its firms to move factories out of China and back home or to Southeast Asia
#Japan #JapanGovt #JapanChinaFirms
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Weel done Japan🇯🇵
Love from 🇮🇳

by God of war 2 months ago

Thank you Japan from all of Australia.

by the truth 2 months ago

Now Chinese communist party going to warn Japan

by hirak gayan 2 months ago

Because the world will not buy "made in china"🇨🇳🦗 products.
So japan🇯🇵 is doing good✌

by Desi Backpacker 2 months ago

World - in the begining God created heaven and earth
China -. Bat created Winnie the pooh and the world

by john 2 months ago

Hope 80% companies will leave China left them only bone without Flesh and Xi will make new Chinese food...

by Emdor Shadap 2 months ago

Woooowwww amazing move by Japan. Rest of the world should follow this.

by Charan Reddy 2 months ago

What a shame for China that Japan is paying companies to leave, they are so pissed.😂😂

by sensational rd 2 months ago

The US and EU should do the same. Divest from the PRC and invest elsewhere.

by Stu Bur 2 months ago

China is losing all its worth to the world

They won’t be making anything to export soon 🤣

by Camz C 2 months ago

Hahahahahaha now Chinese will have to sell momos with Nepal.

by Mars Mission 2026 2 months ago

My favorite country japan 🇯🇵
The world's best discipline people ⛩️

by san vj 2 months ago

More than 100 Chinese soldiers that were killed, maybe CCP members ate them that's why there is no ceremony

by Subhasheesh Bera 2 months ago

I hope they also come to india. India must take loans and give them money to setup factories in india

by Abhishek Nazare 2 months ago

Chinese Media: "It's all an illusion, Japan isn't leaving, it's not real"

by Vin 2 months ago

China bans muslim students to take religious classes, they banned burka, bans muslim males to grow beard, they also ban ramzaan in their country, set up cameras in muslim localities and even vandalized hundreds of mosques that any country did before.

But some Indian Muslims and Muslim countries said that muslim are not safe in India even pakistani government said that our Allah is chinese.
But this fact they will never accept.

by Rashid Ali 2 months ago

Japan can't be bullied like India. Both should Colloborate and let the. Movement happens in India.
Modi has a great rapport with Abe.

by Abhi B 2 months ago

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