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Gravitas: Global outrage over China's Hong Kong decision

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Over 200 parliamentarians and policy experts from 23 countries have slammed the Hong Kong National Security Law. taiwan is promising 'support' for Hong Kong. US threatens to impose sanctions on China.
#Gravitas #HongkongProtest #ChinaHongKong
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WION photo 1 Gravitas: Global outrage over China's... WION photo 2 Gravitas: Global outrage over China's... WION photo 3 Gravitas: Global outrage over China's... WION photo 4 Gravitas: Global outrage over China's...

China will turn Hong Kong into another Tibet if the world keeps quiet.

by Shan B 1 month ago

I am a Tibetan living in exile and I desperately want to see China breaking into pieces.whoelse agree with me?

by TT 1 month ago

Hong Kong is a free country, democratic, China is a bully wants to rule the world let's support Hong Kong

by Mario Ortiz 1 month ago

China already killed million of monks in Tibet and destroyed culture, then same thing in Xinjiang next might be Hong Kong 🇭🇰 If world will be silent.

by Gunjan Kumar 1 month ago

Every country that China has assets in should Seize their property if the CCP imposes their laws on HONG KONG !

by Nobody Too You 1 month ago

We stand with Taiwan, Hongkong & Tibet

by M&S 1 month ago

I bet within 50 years, china is going to claim that Earth belongs to them and all others are aliens.. such will be their greed..😬😬😬

by Arun Mohan 1 month ago

Where is the EU. Eerily silent...especially Merkel. Must love that China money.

by davidr2287 1 month ago

If the world not wake up....Today’s HongKong is tomorrow’s Australia then Europe...

by MKT 1 month ago

Thoughts and prayers go out to all the people of Hong Kong and all those suffering under the thug led regime called the CCP and all authoritarianism regimes. May the Force be with us all.

by TheYodalorian MudhornSignet 1 month ago

Where is pakistani bot “Yang lee zhao”? Is he putting c hinese underwear mask on and getting ready?

by mohammadgoatfxker 1 month ago

China🇨🇳 is killing the demoracy 🇭🇰.
UN is sleeping...

by Sandy Indian 1 month ago

Free TIBET !
Recognize TAIWAN !!
HK may be a lost cause. CCP's evil tactics....thus far, no more !!

by rajesh patro 1 month ago

HONGKONG 🇭🇰 , TIBET n’ TAIWAN 🇹🇼 r free country

by Alfred S. Minlun 1 month ago


by NSD NSD 1 month ago

Thousands of Chinese and hongkongers are living in Hong Kong because they don't have freedom of speech in china. sad

by Jash U 1 month ago

One Belt one Road is a "JOKE", CCP government will use all investors money for personal gain $$$$$

by Erick Tai 1 month ago

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