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Playing 20000 Marbles - Marble Machine X #147

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All Wintergatan Music is now free to use as video and streaming background music, download the free license here: www.wintergatan.net
Same license applies to all internet platforms, so not only Youtube, also for streaming on twitch etcetera.
In this episode i am trying to make the Marble Machine X play 20000 Marbles in a row without fail, mixed results. But with some rule changes we won in the end :)
Have a great day everyone and good luck with what you are doing / Martin
Video edited by Hannes Knutsson & Martin
Support the Marble Machine X Project, ► http://www.patreon.com/wintergatan
#marble #machine #4K
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Thanks to the Marble Machine X Team 2019
►Alex Füßl | Alex CNC | Munich, Germany
►Carlos Montoro | Anjuda Guitars | Madrid, Spain
►Chris Nadon | Aix-en-Provence France
►Dwayne Myers | Safety | Phoenixville, PA, USA
►Ecco Pierce | All Things Ecco | Oakland, California, USA
►Florian Hu | fhuable | Wellington, NZ
►Jacob LaRocca | Rocket Props | Somerville, Massachusetts
►James Passmore | CAD9 Design LLC | Worcester MA
►Marius Hirn | Munich, Germany
►Nick Householder | Florida, USA
►Philip Brown (solo banjo) Winston Salem, NC USA
►Rainfall projects
►Richard Southall | String HeArt | Devon, UK
►Sebastiaan Jansen | Leuven, Belgium (BE)
►Tim Keller | Inventopia | Davis California USA
►Tim Mitchell | CNC Machinist | Nashville USA
►Tobias Gutmann | Tobias Gutmann Prototyping | Munich, Germany
►Tommaso D'Amico | Vancouver, Canada
►Will Francis | Machine Thinking | San Francisco Bay Area, USA
►Blue Sparkle and her great team for this video's subtitles (and many others).
►Grant Lansdell: Great Idea Provider ;)
MORE ALLIES, ►Viktor Stenberg, Calle Guldstrand, Gustaf Törner | ProtoCut.
►Liam Ward
►David Lewis
►Tobias Smidebrant
►Erik Holke
►CNC Routerparts
►Nathan Skalsky
►Karin & Olof Eneroth
►Matterhackers - https://www.matterhackers.com/
►This Old Tony - https://www.youtube.com/user/featony
►Thomas Pilot - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJpCQcfOPQghHGcfecxEEVA
►Roys Sheds Perth Australia
►Supermagnete.de - https://www.supermagnete.de/

#drums #Martin molin #marble #marble machine x #snare #marble run #diy #making

Wintergatan photo 1 Playing 20000 Marbles - Marble... Wintergatan photo 2 Playing 20000 Marbles - Marble... Wintergatan photo 3 Playing 20000 Marbles - Marble... Wintergatan photo 4 Playing 20000 Marbles - Marble...

THANK YOU for offering your music to people. I will definitely be using some in my upcoming tutorials....but I intend to pay!

by David Guyton 2 months ago

This guy suffers on a daily basis to create this machine, and then the whole group goes right ahead and just put their music out there for everyone to use within reasonable limits of exploitation.
In the year where DMCA claims are higher than ever and more ridiculous than some court trials, if anything, you guys deserve massive amounts of respect.
I'm not even a content creator and I feel like I should thank this guy.

by Pepe Frog 2 months ago

If this machine was the only evidence of human existence, I wouldn’t even be upset.

by Ryan Andrews 2 months ago

me: mom. i wanna be an musicant
mom: no! you will be engineer
me 20 years later:

by Wilczy 1 month ago

the over-rotation effect wont help with the static pressure.

by John Meyer 2 months ago

Never failed to amaze me

by CONSCI 2 months ago

you really should have a lawyer look over that "license" just to make sure it doesn't do something you don't think it does.

by The Obsesed Anime Freaks 2 months ago

Wintergatan: Our music is now free to use as video and streaming background music 😃
Kevin MacLeod: I sense a disturbance in the force...

by hi hungry i'm dad 2 months ago

I don't know if it's just me, but Martin seems...happier... If that's the case then I'm glad.

by BILL XRL 1 month ago

This channel has turned from a 'normal cool' into an 'incredible cool'.

Amazing work dude!

by Gamal Kevin 2 months ago

The fact that he's giving his license to his music for free is amazing, super dope dude

by Victor Van Curen 2 months ago

This machine is so beautiful. Aesthetically, and as a piece of marvelous engineering. I can't wait to hear it play something complex :D

by ShadowDrakken 2 months ago

I've watched every episode without fail, and watched the struggles you've been through since the beginning, but the best videos have got to be the most recent ones, since you've shown such enthusiasm and positivity no matter what problems you're facing, and you really have turned a corner with the new strategy of testing and fixing every issue until it's perfect, I owe all my willpower to you, as you've really helped show me how to succeed no matter how hard it becomes. Keep at it and good luck!

by KyleClarke484 2 months ago

This is an excellent example of the scientific method, prototyping, testing, and data analysis.

by Soggy In Seattle 1 month ago

He talked about being a scientist while talking about musical rhythem. He combined music and science into one. amazing

by TheBug13 2 months ago

The slower marbles store more energy in rotational energy. That is quadratically rising with speed of turning.
So if the point of turning is closer to the middle of the marble the rotation must be faster for the same speed. But faster rotation "steals" energy from the translational movement. :)

by Good News 2 months ago

I'm stunned the complexity of this can come out of one persons head. Simply incredible!

by James Phillips 2 months ago

I feel so at home when I watch your videos, it's like the feeling one gets when watching or reading Winnie the Pooh

by James H 2 months ago

You: made sourdough starter during quarantine
Her ex: built a programmable musical instrument that will likely be preserved for hundreds of years just because he could

by Isabel Tuck 2 months ago

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