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Minecraft: How to Build a Mob Proof Modern House Tutorial - (Safe Redstone House)

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➜Minecraft: How to Make a Mob Proof House Tutorial
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Called "Faithfull" at the texture pack menu.
➜Download My Shader pack: http://billionblocks.com
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If you are looking for an awesome and super simple, easy to make modern house full tutorial, this video is for you! for pocket edition ( mc pe ) xbox xbox360, ps, ps3, ps4, pc .For me this is the best looking house with the most simple design!
Have fun with the pc world map download!
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Yo Guys! Once again thank you so so much for the 100k subs and all the support shares, likes and comments,
if you have any good idea for builds like this, please tell me in the comments! maybe your idea will be the next one!

by WiederDude 2 years ago

Zombies vs villagers:who is more annoying? Like for villagers and comment for zombies

by Leo 1 year ago

Hey wieder dude can you make a part 2 for how to make the inside of the house look really nice

by Colin Faria 3 months ago

WierderDude: thanks so much for 100k subs Me in 2020sees him having 6 million subs: hu. ....cool

by Armando A 6 days ago

big brainers: uses water to turn the lava into obsidian

by maiko 1 day ago

For the random person scrolling in the comments ... hello!

by Nonsense Nonsense 1 year ago

Me: being chased by one mob

What it feels like:

by Random Weeb 8 months ago

Me: Why do we need this in creative

by PROGAMER261YT 8 months ago

What it feels like to chew five gum..

Stimulate Your Senses

by LootGamerAJ 1 month ago

All ypu have to do is add the "Running in the 90's" musiv to that chase scene

by Thrustatom 1 year ago

widerdude should make a new house tutorial that is mod proof

by wiggleluv 8 months ago

Everyone: How many windows are there?
Wieder: yes

by Et3rnalEX 7 months ago

who else looks at the comments to see their not the only one with a different texture pack?? just me?? ok? like this if you DO have a different texture pack

by Tenessee Te Purei 1 year ago

I'm a bit of scared of Villagers
My Friend: Hmmm
Me:*SCREAMING* and runs away with a potion of swiftness

by Ryk3r 1 year ago

Who want to see his face reveal hit like and I want to see your real face love your channel and houses

by Maaz Imran 2 months ago

I can't build a original modern house without wiederdude's tutorial because wiederdude is the most beuatiful modern house builder of all for me😃😊☺️

by Jheck jheck Antolin 7 months ago

Thank u 😊 so much now I have a beautiful house

by KAMOGELO Mohale 2 months ago

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