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Lauren Conrad and I (FINALLY!) Reunite | WITH WHIT | Whitney Port

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By far the question I get asked the most is, “Are you still friends with Lauren?” For the longest time I would answer, “We are still friends, but we don’t really keep in touch.” That was the truth, but I also wondered if there was an issue between us that was unresolved. In part one of my two part talk with Lauren, I finally get to the bottom of it, plus so much more. Lauren and I went through something completely life-changing together, and when it was over we went our separate ways. Business, family, fame, life, everything that has happened since the show ended, and we’ve never talked about it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more important catch up session. Lauren is a television personality, New York Times bestselling author, fashion designer and philanthropist. In 2009, she launched LC Lauren Conrad exclusively at Kohl’s. In 2013, she co founded The Little Market whose mission is to build sustainable partnerships with artisans around the world by connecting them with customers through an online marketplace and to empower women artisans to rise above poverty and support their families. AND, in August 2020, Lauren launched her beauty brand, Lauren Conrad Beauty. It is an eco-conscious brand that meets the desires of cosmetics consumers at a price point that everyone can enjoy without sacrificing quality. I attempted to up my eyeliner game with help from the eyeliner expert herself. We are getting into EVERYTHING. Hope you love!.
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About Whitney Port, Whitney is an alum of MTV's "The Hills," as well as an entrepreneur, podcaster, and lifestyle influencer. She found early success on YouTube with a parenting series called "I Love My Baby, But...". As her son is now three years old, we relaunched her channel with a new series entitled "I Love My Toddler, But...".
WITH WHIT | Lauren Conrad and I (FINALLY!) Reunite | Whitney Port
Whitney Port

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Whitney Port photo 1 Lauren Conrad and I (FINALLY!)... Whitney Port photo 2 Lauren Conrad and I (FINALLY!)... Whitney Port photo 3 Lauren Conrad and I (FINALLY!)... Whitney Port photo 4 Lauren Conrad and I (FINALLY!)...

I smiled when Lauren said she met her husband on Valentines Day, because I remember Lauren saying she hated Valentines Day on Laguna Beach. Isn’t it beautiful how God redeems things... loved this interview and can’t wait for part two.

by sk8rgrlteen 1 month ago

I think Lauren Conrad is the only decent person who took full advantage of the reality shows she was on. She did her thing, made her brand and said goodbye at perfect time - before anyone was tired of her. She left people wanting more. Then she stayed low key and just made her money, created her family and hopefully she is happy. That's great example how it should be done. I respect her for that. I always liked her and watched her shows because of her personality.
I imagine her life now is pretty much like the movie The Intern with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. Hopefully her husband is faithful though.
Btw, too much unnecessary use of the word "like".

by Ivaylo Iontchev 1 month ago

The chicest non-toxic double trouble ever. Bellas ♡.

by Solange 1 month ago

It's so nice to see Lauren hasn't ruined her looks with lip fillers! 👄

by ringoroll 1 month ago

You can tell lauren is still pretty guarded with her answers. I can tell she would be a good friends with whit but theres a but😂...

by LY 1 month ago

Loved seeing these two unproblematic queens together again. This friendship was the heart of the show for me. So pure and respectful. It felt like Lauren slowly started to shutdown on the show after Whitney left. None of the other girls ever felt as genuine with her as Whitney always did. I also love that Lauren still hates camping lol

by Jess 1 month ago

I will NEVER get past the fact that LC looks more like the Olsen twins then the Olsen twins 😂

by SC H 1 month ago

LC: I was like this, and you were like that. And it was like this and like, like you know? The whole thing was like...

Whit: Yeah.

by S T 1 month ago

Lauren has not aged!!! They both look so youthful!

by mogz 11 1 month ago

LC really believed in herself and her creativity back in the series. And today she has really pretty taste and a polished asthetic and made shit happen for herself, it's so cool!

by Melissa 1 month ago

Who else feels like watching a Hills marathon now 🙋‍♀️

by Patricia McMullen 1 month ago


by Jardin Driver 1 month ago

lauren seems like she’s holding back when she’s answering questions but it’s nice to see them together

by StOUt ThE BeEr 1 month ago

Whitney your vulnerability at the beginning of the interview is really touching. Your description of your feelings is so relatable and honest! This is why I love your channel so much! Thank you for always being genuine!

by Marie Kohart 1 month ago

What a blast from the past to see you and Lauren together?!? Aww Whit, you smashed this “interview”!! I noticed the nerves from both of you, but it all smoothed out and seemed to end up like a true catch up between old friends. Your college analogy was perfect to describe the relationship between you two. I’m happy you confronted your insecurities and mustered courage to have this conversation after all these years. I hope everyone asking about LC will cool it now lol. And I hope you’ve found some peace in getting that validation from Lauren. You did a great job, Whit!! 👏🏾🥰✨

by Mia Janay 1 month ago

I clicked for Lauren but liked for Whitney. Funny how LC seemed so lovable back in the day and Whitney was a little bit meh for me. But now Whitney seems so likeable, i love her.

by Rodrigo Solorzano 1 month ago

whitney’s voice resembled kourtney kardashian’s voice

by Karen De La Roca 1 month ago

Apparently I haven't heard Lauren talk since the Hills because her voice sounds so different?! I'm going to have to re-watch the Hills now cause I always thought her voice was more, raspy?

by R Nguyen 1 month ago

Remember when LC said she’s not doing good in high school and now she’s a successful business entrepreneur

by M V 1 month ago

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