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10 Movie Scenes Shot For Real

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It all happened.
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Why wasn’t Tom Cruise with Mission Impossible or Jackie Chan in any movie EVER on this list?

by Jordan Zirkle 1 months ago

I have two friends, Cruise, and Chan, who are pissed at this list

by TheCraigy111 1 months ago

Buster Keaton in the General with THAT train is more amazing

by JT Shark 1 months ago

Christopher Nolan flipping a semi truck in The Dark Night and crashing a real full size jet in Tenet.

by Toni Granger 1 months ago

Surprise the plane heist in the dark night didn’t get a shoutout

by Chris Campling 1 months ago

That chopper stunt pilot has balls of steel.

by Morphic c 1 months ago

One of my favorites is Jamie Lee Curtis being pulled out of the limo by the helicopter in True Lies. Director James Cameron leaned out the 'copter to film the scene.

by James Bovan 1 months ago

the spy who loved me is a classic!

by James Toney 1 months ago

The scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where the stuntman goes under the truck before getting dragged . They dug a trench so he wouldn’t get crushed.

by Matthew Conrad 1 months ago

These Terminator 2, Alien Resurrection, The Spy Who Loved Me, Cliffhanger scenes are really amazing and memorable

by irina1296 1 months ago

The spiral car jump, "Man with the Golden Gun."

by C Bob White 1 months ago

in the Steamboat Bill, Jr. segment, the person dangling from the hands of the clock is not Buster Keaton, but is in facy fellow silent film star Harold Lloyd

by Timothy Swan 1 months ago

The "Spy who loved me" was one of the best Bond movies incredible sets, Jaws, Egypt and great cast and a lotus that can go underwater. I also really like moonraker although critics were mixed.

by DifferentialTim 2 days ago

Pay attention to the scene with Keaton and the house wall falling around him. Notice his arm moving? Keaton could have easily killed himself, or at the least, crippled himself for life with a mere inch of movement. All the more impressive as he initially planned to do it without his shoes being held in place. A crazy genius of the comedy variety.

by Christian Unger 1 months ago

The Spy Who Loved Me “hardly a franchise classic”?? Are you serious?

by Zlatano 1986 1 months ago

The Dark Knight: They flipped the semi truck for real.

by mankind89032 1 months ago

The Spy Who Loved Me IS a franchise classic. One of the best Bonds.

by Andy Lewis 1 months ago

Shelley Winters performed her own stunt in The Poseidon Adventure when she swam to save Rev. Scott.

by Studa Baker 1 months ago

The car chases in Death Proof. What about dropping the climber at the beginning of Cliffhanger?

by Big Sky 1 months ago

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