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Wharton's Coronavirus Course: Profs. Mohamed El-Erian & Mauro Guillen Interview

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Prof. Mauro Guillen talks with Prof. Mohamed El-Erian - Chief Economic Adviser at Allianz and a Senior Global Fellow at the Lauder Institute - as part of Wharton's new course, “Epidemics, Natural Disasters, and Geopolitics: Managing Global Business and Financial Uncertainty," which focuses on the the impact and implications of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Topics include the crisis' impact on the global economy, how banks can be a part of the solution, and what the future holds financially.
Learn more about the course: https://whr.tn/3aPjIrd
#coronavirus #covid19 #wharton #economy #banking #finance
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Wharton School photo 1 Wharton's Coronavirus Course: Profs. Mohamed... Wharton School photo 2 Wharton's Coronavirus Course: Profs. Mohamed... Wharton School photo 3 Wharton's Coronavirus Course: Profs. Mohamed... Wharton School photo 4 Wharton's Coronavirus Course: Profs. Mohamed...

when El-Erian talk i should listen with 200% of concentration !!

by achraf bouzekri 6 months ago

Most people think when this clear up, everything will be back to normal. It’s gonna be a lot of pain moving forward.

by soulmate 6 months ago

when you take a Zoom call, the background can make you look silly or smart - Mohamed is set up in what looks like his personal library or study. He already sounds smart, but the background reinforces that. Note to self for the next office conference call.

by orioles70 6 months ago

If millions are unemployed and people are still worried about social gathering, the amount of people coming back to your restaurant might not be quite be the same.

by NaxieGaming 6 months ago

awesome mapping out the flow of liquidity and the new normal moving fwd. thank you for sharing this. very helpful .

by Roy Reyes 6 months ago

Great conversation on important issues today, the thing I like about Mohamed, is he speaks with emphasis on the people, so he cuts through the nonsensical multiple syllable financial jargon to get to the point, it’s about people period. Now what I’d like to add is now the govt is going to have to hire at all levels to soak up the unemployment. The businesses are not going to pick up the slack fast enough. This gets money back into circulation and most important of all gives people an immediate sense of dignity. Also the govt is also the most blind system to race and culture it takes that element out of the hiring process which will prevent what I think he say may happen if we don’t build America back correctly and that is an explosion of pent up frustration.

by Don Jackson 6 months ago

Right - banks to the rescue! Sounds to me like a form of predatory practice where the banks will be able to get desperate business owners on the hook for debt which the banks will get for zero and will then mark it up at usury rates for the small business owner. The financial system has no skin in the game and that is the biggest problem.

by Simon Wiltshire 6 months ago

The man is brilliant! Summed it up so well. First time production and consumption has been impacted

by Sid sridhar 6 months ago

We need to be ready and be aware that this will be the NEW NORMAL and it looks like it is going to get ugly even more.
Social Unrest will rise in some parts of the WORLD.

by Lance Sacramento 6 months ago

We did not enter this crisis with wrong initial conditions as mentioned at , on the contrary and with all due respect for Mohamed, a more appropriate statement would have been....."we entered this crisis with failed monetary policies over the last decade and an experiment that never achieved its intended purpose"

by Keeping it Real 6 months ago

Wish Mohammed had talked about the debt bubble, too. Now it is even greater. Jamie Diamond thinks we will have another debt crisis.

by Mrrossj01 6 months ago

I don't know much about investing, but is now a good time to start since everything is down low? How about robo-advisors.? Any professionals.....?

by ESTHER ESTHER 6 months ago

Still Avi the @Bastard will vouch for price gauging SPX to 4000 and 6000? Can you stop him?

by Shiva Sangameswaran 6 months ago

The tremendous stimulus by the FED benefits the HAVES that own stocks/bonds and financial assets, which does not benefit the HAVENOTS. The raising of those asset values counts on trickle down stimulation wealth affect that is likely to be saved not consumed where the economy needs that to be spent by the HAVE NOTS on goods and services. This happened in 2008 and widens the wealth gap that ElErain speaks about. You may say pumping money into distressed companies/ financial assets that over leveraged and didnt build their balance sheets saves jobs where in fact saving zombie companies creates a moral hazard that the FED will save them again in the future. Letting Lehman fail in 08 made the investment banks stronger.

by Mrmarginofsafety 6 months ago

un espanto esto que nos pasa... pero no duden vamos a ganar les envio un abrazo 🖤🖤🖤

by Natali Bustamante 6 months ago

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