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Police: 8 injured in Wisconsin mall shooting; suspect sought

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Police searched Friday evening for the suspect in a shooting at a suburban Milwaukee mall that left seven adults and a teenager injured.

WGN News photo 1 Police: 8 injured in Wisconsin... WGN News photo 2 Police: 8 injured in Wisconsin... WGN News photo 3 Police: 8 injured in Wisconsin... WGN News photo 4 Police: 8 injured in Wisconsin...

It was a mostly peaceful shooting

by Dan 2 months ago

If the shooter was black they wouldn’t bother with a description, he’d just be a “teen”

by Josh Lee 2 months ago

I know the problem, they didn’t defund the police !

by Mike Przlomski 2 months ago

Defund the police tho amirite?

by Shane 404 2 months ago

41 mass shootings in Chicago so far this year. Why no national coverage?

by AVENUE 2 months ago

Why are they at the mall in a pandemic 🧍🏽‍♀️

by BidenFp Peridot 2 months ago

8 to 12 shots and hit 8 people he's a professional no avenge Joe going to shot 8 times and hit 8 people

by Brenton Burbank 2 months ago

It's funny now that were having a democratic president the shootings are back.. that should tell you who is responsible. The Democrats trying to pass more laws on guns and wont miss a chance to do it now that bidens coming to office

by Nate Dawg 2 months ago

i thought the media said at fist that is a white man....now is just a man?..no more mention of the skin color ?...

by costin saceanu 2 months ago

"What's in place right now is not working, so we have to find alternative solutions."

by BTsMusicChannel 2 months ago

Update the shooter is now in custody

by lakeraves1 3 weeks ago

Respect to this man🖤😞

by Idfk Man 2 months ago

The suspect is a man....well hell thats easy

by sgtbjack 2 months ago

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