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Top 10 Improvised Harry Potter Moments

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Did you know that these lines weren’t in the original script? For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the best, most memorable and most genius improvised moments from the "Harry Potter" film franchise. Featuring Harry himself, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy and He Who Must Not Be Named (Voldemort)... these moments might not have been planned, but they were perfect!
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Tom Felton does the absolute best facial expressions.

by Gigi the dragon 2 months ago

Dobby : improvises a scene

Animators : nervous silence

by That One Guy 2 months ago

Tom Felton was the best person to play Draco 🥺

by Z J 2 months ago

I feel like the best improv scenes were by Tom Felton....

by Alana Banana 2 months ago

During the torture scene, Emma Watson acted so well, she freaked out Helena Bonham-Carter. Total metal move

by Kate Archuleta 3 months ago

Voldemort's laugh is just as creepy as the hug with Draco

by Rockas360 3 months ago

Tom Felton's facial expression after the improv line about reading is perfect.

by Wolfe911 3 months ago

The biggest reason for Draco's line at Goyle saying "I didn't know you could read" was because Tom Felton had forgotten what his next was supposed to have been, so he improvised that line on the spot

by Karl Smith 3 months ago

"Did you put your name in the goblet of fire?" Dumbledore asked CALMLY

by TheSte295 1 month ago

I remember watching chamber of secrets and I was like “WAIT HE’S ABOUT TO SAY AVADA KEDAVRA WTF!!”

by Aesthetic Queen 3 months ago

Voldemort huging Draco doesn't humanize him it shows unhuman he is cause thinks that a good time to huge someone.

by JeevesyTwist42 3 months ago

My little brother’s generation are saying that Harry Potter is overrated cringe fest. That’s how you know you’re getting old

by Conor Macgregor 3 months ago

We love how Tom forgot his line so he just said “I didn’t know you could read”😂 and it’s iconic

by abby pratt 1 month ago

Can we also talk about the fact that the actors playing Crabbe and Goyle aka Jamie Waylett and Josh Herdman did an excellent job portraying Harry and Ron in disguise??? ❤❤

by Saloni Kullar 1 month ago

Really disappointed that 'not to mention the pincers' line and noise Dan improvised in Half Blood Prince didn't make it on the list.

by Britany Anderson 3 months ago

Moral of the story: Both Father and Son Malfoy are excellent at improvisation

by Salamander Eyes 1 month ago

What about Hermione punching Draco in the face in Prisoner of Azkaban. She was supposed to slap him.

by Angelo Barnachea 3 months ago

I remember reading about Tom ad libbing the "I didn't know you could read" response, and finding it to be hilariously fitting with Draco's cheeky, direct personality! 😂

by Trina Q 3 months ago

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