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Top 20 Misleading Movie Trailers

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Never judge a book by its cover - or a movie by its trailer! For this list, we’re looking at teasers and trailers that misled audiences - in terms of a movie’s style, tone, genre, or plot. We’re not saying that these films are bad; some were better than expected! Our countdown includes "Drive", "Suicide Squad", “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”,"Funny People", "Hook" and more! What movie do YOU think had a misleading trailer? Let us know in the comments!

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Which movie trailer totally misled you!?

by WatchMojo.com 4 days ago

Movie name: “Sponge out of water”

Literally spends 2/3 of the movie in the water

by Akirex 5000 4 days ago

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water was misleading, but I still loved the movie. The third film Sponge on the run doesn’t sound misleading and I hope the trailer isn’t misleading.

by Patrick Star 4 days ago

What about Kangaroo Jack?? That movie pissed me off as a kid from being so misleading

by AvieJibbz 1990 4 days ago

Passengers. The trailer made it out to be an adventure about a broken spaceship but it was really just a love story.

by Cj Coolsen 4 days ago

“Never judge a book by its cover. Or a movie by it’s trailer”.

Everyone: Judging the first look of Sonic in the Sonic the hedgehog trailer that later got redesigned

by Anita Eve {Gacha Life} 4 days ago

ok Sweeney Todd is literally a really well known musical .How is that misleading

by Chloe Reid 4 days ago

if you didn’t know Sweeney Todd was a musical well that ain’t their fault

by Carlos Geli 4 days ago

Okay, but who didn't know Sweeney Todd is a musical?

by Rachel Lane 4 days ago

Tomorrowland: the trailer made it look like it was mainly set in Tomorrowland, with all of the jet packs and crazy inventions. In reality, the only time we went to Tomorrowland it was empty and dark

by scott jarman 4 days ago

Dude what about hereditary, Charlie was painted to be a prominent character and literally died like 30 mins in.

by Paris. 3 days ago

Iron Man 3 should had been on here, super misleading with the mandrin controlling his suits

by Evo Vang 4 days ago

Bridge to Terabethia was such a cruel joke. It was the movie that taught my generation at the age of 6 and 7 about death.

by DirtyDinner24 4 days ago

Noone on earth was surprised to find out sweeney todd was a musical.

by Richard Sylvester 3 days ago

How many of you believed that these trailers were misleading while watching them for the first time?

by trex advent 4 days ago

Honorable Mentions: Megamind

The trailer of the animated film didn't do any justice and it's pretty mediocre at its, but overall movie itself still a subversive masterpiece.

by Mr. Friendship 4 days ago

All of these misled into successes and some predicted right.

by Valentin Ramirez 4 days ago

Not including Better Watch Out? That's easily the most misleading trailer ever

by Createology Studios 4 days ago

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