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Top 20 Best Video Games of the Century So Far

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Thought we were done with just the Decade? HA! Time to rank the best games 20 games from the last 20 years ... I regret this already. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most critically acclaimed, commercially successful, and influential video games released in the 21st century. Because this is a tight squeeze, only one entry per franchise will be allowed. We’re also putting a stronger emphasis on their legacy within the gaming industry, so there may be a few changes from our best of the decade list.
We'll update this list in 2030, which games do you think will stand the test of time?
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Let’s be honest. These are the games that we had so many memories with. You may not agree with the order but gotta admit that these games are amazing... ❤️❤️❤️

by jiromza 10 months ago

To all my lazy buddy's:
20. Uncharted 2: among thieves.
19. MGS 5: The Phantom pain.
18. Dark Souls.
17. World of Warcraft.
16. Batman: Arkham City.
15. Portal.
14. COD 4: Modern Warfare.
13. God of War.
12. Bioshock.
11. Super smash Bros Melee.
10. Minecraft.
9. The last of us.
8. GTA5.
7. Mass Effect 2.
6. Resident evil 4.
5. Halo combat evolved.
4. Elders scrolls 5: Skyrim.
3. Zelda: Breathe of the wild.
2. Witcher 3: wild hunt.
1. Half life 2.

Honorable mentions:
Shadow of the colossus.
Nier: automata.
Red dead redemption.

... Thank me later ;)

by Nobody 10 months ago

Games that should have been in this list in my opinion are -
GTA San Andreas
RDR 2 or RDR 1
Assassin's Creed 2 or Black Flag
NFS MW 2005 or Underground 2
Far Cry 3
Counter Strike 1.6
Fallout New Vegas or 3
Borderlands 2(one of the few games I got addicted with back when it came out). Also don't forget that it was one of its kind and for me it was the best game ever after San Andreas

by 5k Subscribers without a video Challenge 3 months ago

The fact the Red Dead 2 didnt even make it on this list is criminal

by SOL F 4 months ago

GTA SA should have been on this list what a masterpiece of a game!

by Mateus Sousa 4 months ago

As someone who was raised by a single father, the progression of Atreus, Kratos, and their relationship really hit home. I could relate to many moments throughout the game and it all felt so natural and realistic. I've never been more emotionally impacted by a game in my life and it might just be my favorite game ever.

by Blake C. 6 days ago

I feel like Assassin’s Creed 2 should have, at the very least, been in the honorable mentions!

by Red Masquerade Cosplay 8 months ago

Imagine not having RDR2.

by Ib7 h 1 month ago

"Talks about copycats" ...looking at you, Sekiro!
Apparently they forgot both games are made by the same company.

by Shiro Darkstar 5 months ago

I grew up with RE4 man the memories, the scares, the action, such an amazing game even today in 2020

by Ronald Moreira 4 months ago

Assassins Creed should be there too, it deserves the respect.

by vedang pingale 4 months ago

Rdr2 should’ve been in the top 10 easily

by St. G 4 months ago

Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War 2018 should be in every one of them lists

by Alae Eddine Arba 4 months ago

No love for the Assassin's Creed franchise? I can't think of any other video game franchise that immerses you with such historical accuracy. Even the people in charge of repairing the actual Notre Dame building consulted with Ubisoft in order to help rebuild following the fire.

by Rahmin Buckman 5 months ago

LA Noire deserves an honorable mention at the very least. Also, surprised there wasn’t a sports game on this list. MVP Baseball 2005 and NFL 2K5 were arguably the best ever released in the genre.

by Daniel Friedman 5 months ago

RDR2 and Assassin's Creed 2 deserves to be on this list. But gladly there's no fORtNitE.

by Maniacal Orange18 6 months ago

I did NOT expect the number 1 pick to be dead-on when I clicked on this. Color me surprised.

by The Smegma Mastermind 5 months ago

All Skyrim scores give me goosebumps

by Jayesh Yadav 1 week ago

YESS Thank you RE 4!!! :')

by Hanif F 1 month ago

Kinda surprised that Red Dead 2 wasn't even an honourable mention never mind on the list. Quite disappointed

by Michael Bell 4 months ago

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