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Top 10 Infamous Anonymous Hacks

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They are legion. And so are their many operations. For this list, weโ€™re looking at the best known hacks pulled off by the collective known as Anonymous. Our list includes their hack of the Minneapolis Police Department, Operation Sony, Project Chanology, their war with HBGary, Operation Payback, and more! What do YOU think was Anonymous' biggest hack? Let us know in the comments.
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Which Infamous action has surprised you the most?

by WatchMojo.com 5 months ago

I'm pretty sure the best hacks by Anonymous aren't known to the public.

by Mr. Smith 5 months ago

Imagine how much humanity had to screw up to make Anonymous come back...

by Daniel Hanzal 5 months ago

i feel safer with Anonymous around than the police

by Erika 5 months ago

"We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us."

by Austin Marshall 5 months ago

When they leaked passwords to stuff related to the Minneapolis department one of the passwords was I shit you not, โ€œpasswordโ€

by Hudzun 5 months ago

They protecc
They attacc

But most importantly

They like to hacc

by Brawler RedShift 5 months ago

They seem to have strong morales and are trying to stop corruption

by James Hanson 5 months ago

As long they target corrupt people and governments they are good in my book ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ‘

by Gilbert Morales 5 months ago

they weren't on a hiatus, they just weren't public about their work.

by MacKenzie B 5 months ago

When a group of masked internet hackers is more trustworthy than the government

by Squigga 3 months ago

The fact that a group of hackers that we don't know the identity of is way more trustworthy then the police force and the government is both terrifying and amazing

by The_Irish_Green_Witch 4 months ago

Anonymous: The only thing that will exist is the truth. Actions that forward truth shall never be destroyed.

by Observ_ 5 months ago


We are the eyes of the blind
We are the ears of the deaf
We are the hope of the hopeless
We are anonymous.

by PoisonX_23 5 months ago

When you're a infamous anonymous doing hacks then suddenly your mom shouted your full name to eat dinner

by Mother of 6 gangstar kids 5 months ago

Imagine a world where anonymous wasnโ€™t a thing we will be so screwed

by Mega 4 months ago

When you realize Anonymous could be your dad.

by Rane Peavy 4 months ago

If Gen Z didnโ€™t already seem unstoppable, weโ€™re calling a group of unknown men that the US gov literally FEARS, we call these unknown men daddy and simp over them.

by Abagail Wilkerson 4 months ago

HBGaey: I will release Anonymous' files

Anonymous: So you have chosen death

by Megamaster 64 5 months ago

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