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Full Presidential Debate: President Trump and Joe Biden | WSJ

Wall Street Journal photo 1 Full Presidential Debate: President Trump... Wall Street Journal photo 2 Full Presidential Debate: President Trump... Wall Street Journal photo 3 Full Presidential Debate: President Trump... Wall Street Journal photo 4 Full Presidential Debate: President Trump...

its like you laugh....but you're also terrified.

by Antoine Troupe 1 month ago

Don't mind me, just bookmarking for personal use
Trumps opening statement
Biden opening statement
What Biden said
if I may
debate him not me
the Trumpcare question
the answer
it is not & sorry
so you agree
here's the deal, last of his class, no manifesto, agreed with Bernie and lost the left
number two
roughly equal time
the list question
the answer
to Covid and "smart"
the economy
Trump taxes
WPAEH and 47
booming economy
did he blew it
number #2
close your eyes
very fine people
tear gas
the Bishop
1994 SuperPredator
to Trump's 2 minute on law enforcement
to Biden's "2 minute" on law enforcement
bad apples
party issue
they know suburbs
not what they are talking about and name one group
Interrupting the interrupter
shot in the middle of the street

by Carte Izly 1 month ago

Trump: why are you gay?
Biden: who says i am gay?
Trump: you are gay

by Jack Napier 1 month ago

Trump: I saw Biden in the vent
Biden: “will you shut up man”

by Meme Shack 1 month ago

Here's a crazy idea, when it's not someone's turn to speak TURN THEIR MIC OFF

by Terry Ollerhead 1 month ago

Americans: worried about their country's future
Rest of the world: this is absolute comedy

by musyrifo 1 month ago

The USA sure know how to entertain people during this quarantine time.

by Alvin Koeswanto 1 month ago

Trump: DiD yOu JuSt UsE tHe WoRd SmArT?

by Bobitotime 1 month ago

This is like the scariest form of comedy ever, because it's funny but at the same time concerning.

by Some Random Weeb 1 month ago

America, I'm sorry for you.
-Sincerely, the rest of the world.
edit: im not sorry for you anymore...Kamala Harris👑

by Twisha Prasad 1 month ago

2010: watching movies for entertainment 2020: watching a presidential debate for entertainment

by hen ko 1 month ago

I laughed when Chris Wallace said "I'm the moderator of this debate and I would like you to let me ask my question." Poor Wallace.

by Emily An 1 month ago

As a Russian, I wish Putin debates, too. But he simply does not.

by Gloria Regali 1 month ago

I think everyone that isn’t American watches this as reality tv.

by A J 1 month ago

Joe at “Of the 200,000 that have died on his watch, how many of those have survived”. I’m pretty sure that would be zero Joe.

by Andrea Becker 1 month ago

I swear Trump always claims that he “just had a meeting” with someone

by Daniel Chin 1 month ago

This should've been a zoom call. They could've used the mute button extensively.

by Aishwarya Chaurasia 1 month ago

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