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I Beat Fundy's NEW "IMPOSSIBLE" Difficulty in Minecraft (first try)

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I Beat Fundy's NEW IMPOSSIBLE DIFFICULTY in Minecraft on my first try! Fundy's Impossible Mode is too easy! About a week ago I made a video "I Beat Minecraft on Impossible Difficulty", the new difficulty in Minecraft created by Fundy. Since then Fundy has created a NEW Impossible++ difficulty for minecraft and claims it is ACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE! However I managed to beat it first try! That's right wadzee beat the impossible difficulty in minecraft AGAIN!
This is a plugin that makes minecraft EVEN HARDER! Today I decided to take on fundy's challenge AGAIN and beat the "impossible" once again!! If you guys want to see more impossible minecraft challenge videos make sure to subscribe!.
Fundy's Minecraft Impossible++ Difficulty, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5Y8uwpJrhs&t=24s
Check out the video above to find out how to try Fundy's Minecraft Impossible Difficulty Mod for yourself!
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WadZee photo 1 I Beat Fundy's NEW WadZee photo 2 I Beat Fundy's NEW WadZee photo 3 I Beat Fundy's NEW WadZee photo 4 I Beat Fundy's NEW

I lose game sound about half way through the video, my apologies, at least my voice is still there!

by WadZee 1 week ago

bro ur a different breed, how tf do u do this without DYING LOOOOOOL

by Bionic 1 week ago

Fundy: "I will make Minecraft Impossible!!!"

WadZee: "Easy"

Fundy: "Ok then, Minecraft Impossible++"

WadZee: "Three, take it or leave it"

Fundy: "........Listen here you little sheep"

by DNT Serprimus 6 days ago

The issue with Fundy’s “impossible” Minecraft is that it isn’t actually upping the difficulty. It’s all very artificial, random stuff that just makes it more tedious. If he was to make it more difficult, here is what suggest doing.

He should take inspiration from Minecraft expert mode, to start. Give mobs armor, more health, make them do more damage.

Make zombies go faster, like from those scary zombie movies. It would be even cooler if they could scale walls, and didn’t burn in the day. Make em really scary. And also up their spawn rates so you’re dealing with a lot of terrifying fast zombies.

While we’re on the concept of zombies, take a few ideas from MineZ: bleeding when you take damage has a random chance to happen, and you can get infected and take damage from that too.

For small QOL stuff, er.. quality of death, if you’re wearing armor during a thunderstorm, you’re much more likely to get struck by thunder. I mean, you’re wearing a bunch of metal during a thunderstorm. Also, realistically, armor is just so heavy. You shouldn’t be able to run as fast as you’re normally able with armor on...

The possibilities are endless :)

by JumNyum 2 days ago

Fundy: Makes a harder mode
Wadzee: Beats the harder mode
Fundy: Makes an even harder mode
Wadzee: Snuffs it out with ease "GGs man."
Fundy: "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

by Aidan McKenna 4 days ago

wadzee: beats impossible++
fundy: i made a gamemode where air kills you in minecraft

by The Meme Dealer 6 days ago

Him: beats Minecraft in hardcore, impossible and impossible++ mode

Me: can’t even beat Minecraft in baby mode
Edit 2: ok so a lot of people don’t get this is a joke.

by Gatita 444 1 week ago

Fundy: makes a difficulty which he calls "impossible++"
Bionic: *Beats Impossible++ with over 20 deaths
WadZee: *Beats Impossible++ with no deaths
WadZee: Still not hard

by AzurePhoenixFire 1 week ago

Me: takes two years to beat the game.

WadZee: beats it in under 40 minutes in IMPOSSIBLE DIFFICULTY

by ashton mclees 5 days ago

Anyone else notice he sent the “your message won’t age well” at 4:04am

by Asmr Ash 6 days ago

WadZee: Trying to sleep
Villager: Oh no u don’t
WadZee: Uhhhh.....

by Diwi Dah Deeka 5 days ago

"i used to be a zombie pigman"
-zombified piglin

by Anh Đặng 1 week ago

He should make an even harder one and call it Difficulty: WadZee

by Natalia Edges 5 days ago

"I'm actually in shock. I'm freaking out right now, I'm shaking."

Pretty sure Fundy is too, for different reasons.

by Anonymous Monkey 1 week ago

WadZee: Water Checkpoint!!

Me: Sees Him Drinking Instantly Feels Thirsty

Also Me:Goes To Get A Pint Glass Of Water.

by SummerMedusa173 5 days ago

"You slipped on some moss."

In the NETHER?

Here's something that'd make sense for the nether:

"You tripped on a fallen soul."

by therowdyref 6 days ago

when he says "thats a little funky"

i think...

he should say "thats a little fundy"

by Matthew Savastano 6 days ago

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