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The Wall Street Code | VPRO documentary | 2013

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A thriller about a genius algorithm builder who dared to stand up against Wall Street. Haim Bodek, aka The Algo Arms Dealer. After Quants: the Alchemists of Wall Street and Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box. This is the final episode of a trilogy in search of the winners and losers of the tech revolution on Wall Street. Trading on the financial market is not longer dominated by humans, but by super fast computers and algorithms. The result of this digital revolution on Wall Street is a complex and fragmented financial system that is hard to understand and overseen. A system that we are all connected to. The only people who understand the system a bit, are the people who built it.
Haim Bodek started his own high frequency trading in 2007 and built a from his point of view perfect and fast algorithm. One day it just stopped working. Profits disappeared en he went looking for the cause. He decided to go public with his search to display the rotten system..
Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2013.
ยฉ VPRO Backlight November 2013
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Credits, Director: Marije Meerman
Research: Gerko Wessel
English, French and Spanish subtitles: Ericsson.
French and Spanish subtitles are co-funded by European Union.

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by vpro documentary 11 months ago

"A lot of people copy me, sure, but thats ok, it moves the world forward"

by Patrick Mercader 1 year ago

For those who want to dig further into what is now known as the "order type controversy", I have posted links to the major news articles and associated media on my web page. It has been a long slog since the news first hit in early 2012! Quick Update (4/2016): Bats/ Direct Edge settled the order type allegations with the SEC in Jan 2015. It was the largest fine against an exchange in US history.

by Haim Bodek 7 years ago

At ~34:15, it mentions the sheer amount of money that "evaporated" during the flash crash in 2010. Wealth does not evaporate. That wealth was transferred to the people shearing the sheep.

by Chris Pritchard 7 years ago

Makes me long for the good old days when pirates used swords and cannons, rather than algorithms.

by L. S. King 8 months ago

Dated 2013 ... it would be great to have a "Where Are They Now ?" follow-on doc on these guys...

by Toby Maltby 8 months ago

"90% of finance doesn't know how the stock market works" I should like itย 

by Saida Kunupova 5 years ago

This makes my head hurt.....which is probably why I'm still poor :)

by beth 9891 1 year ago

transfer of wealth: the movie

by Koaasst 10 months ago

Those people and their mad trading machines are nothing more than parastes on real life.

by Dragan Stankoviฤ‡ 1 year ago

I spent five years trying to figure out how to trade for a living. Eventually, I honed in on a hedged options-selling strategy that returned 20% every year for three years...then I burned out from the stress of worrying about the volatility that I'm convinced is the result of algorithmic trading--enough of the quants have the same ideas, so that intraday moves are exaggerated by them all piling onto the trend. This documentary, and all of the insiders who participated, really prove what I already knew (to some extent). I can say for certain that this is no conspiracy theory, because I spent enough time trading to know that the markets are, in some ways, rigged.

by Frank Caruthers 1 year ago

Same old saying goes here: The less transparent the market and the more complicated the securities, the more money the seller is going to make on you.

by sp33dou 6 years ago

This is an amazing documentary. It is a must watch for all financial professionals and those who are fascinated by financial wizardry.

by Alexander F. Rek 7 years ago

To play the markets you either have to be a genius or a madman

by Woody 1 year ago

Despite all his rage.. he is still just a rat in a cage.............

by seanosomething 5 years ago

At the end of the day they are just scammering thief's they just complicate it so you don't understand it and won't look into it

by Paul Scarpa 1 year ago

Extremely well-made documentary film about the ins and outs of a tiny piece of an irreducibly complex puzzle.

by HeavyProfessor 5 years ago

That guy seems like a major tool.

by M- Nice 9 months ago

All this one day will just become a thing of the past.

by Paul Taylor 10 months ago

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