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Camila Mendes Gets Ready on the Riverdale Set | 24 Hours With | Vogue

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Now entering her fourth year of production on the CW series, Camila Mendes—who plays New York transplant Veronica Lodge—treated Vogue to an average day in her not-so-average life, from getting her morning coffee and having her nails done, to meeting her driver, Brad, and heading off to shoot.

Director: Amanda Brooks
Production: In The City Entertainment
Post Production: Fortitude
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Camila Mendes Gets Ready on the Riverdale Set | 24 Hours With | Vogue

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no one:
absolutely no one:
melton: i play reggie

by amena ! 1 year ago

I met her once!! She is literally the sweetest person ever!!!

by Madilyn Alder 6 months ago

"No seriously get out of my house."

by Sibuna01 10 months ago

Vogue: “24 hours”
YouTube: wait but it’s 9 minutes and 17 seconds-
Vogue: I said 24 hours

by ɪᴍsᴏᴍɴɪᴀᴄ 6 months ago

I always love when Camila speaks in portuguese.

by Ayanne Santana 11 months ago

“Anyone who sees our show know that’s it absurd” LMFAO SHE KNOWS THE WRITING IS TRASH TOO

by sophia 896 6 months ago

everyone is talking about camila mendes
me: shawn mendes + camila cabelo = camila mendes

by Samaira 1 month ago

do u ever watch these and think “what scene did she shoot that day”

by lorna retzbach 3 months ago

Ela: "Bom dia, TCHAU" eu: perfeita, sensata, faltou tudo!!!

by Vitória Soares 2 weeks ago

Camila Mendes: This is Brad

Brad: Moves mirror to show him hEy GuYs!

by Hxney 10 months ago

Y’all gotta agree that she’s the best riverdale character 👀

by Swisher Boy 5 months ago

She is like one of the funniest and coolest actress out there

by Zaria Houston 10 months ago

its weird seeing a riverdale character speaking like real words that arent utter nonsense on the show

by SydneyElizabeth 1 year ago

she looks very professional and mature for her young age.

by Lady Magnificent 7 months ago

No one:

Charels Melton: I play Reggie by the way.

by Jordan Gaughan 7 months ago

i love how she’s friends with the baristas!!!

by Lenci Boehme 6 months ago

She's speaks in Portuguese is so cuteee ----

I'm brazilian too ♡

by Giovanna Pereira 5 months ago

Me and Riverdale’s relationship is weird I like don’t really like it but I can’t stop watching it

by K K 1 year ago

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