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73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue

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On the eve of the release of her new film, "A Star Is Born," Lady Gaga invites Vogue to her LA home and answers 73 intriguing questions. While sitting outside, amongst perfectly placed potted plants and flowering ivy, Lady Gaga talks about her songwriting process, working with actor-turned-director Bradley Cooper, and her upcoming Vegas residency..
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73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue
Created By: Joe Sabia
Styled By: Taylor Angino

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I thought Gaga and the interviewer were practicing social distancing then I realized this was 2 years ago

by Jed Angelo 7 months ago

wow i can’t believe she invented social distancing

by Ashton Zautke 4 months ago

Interviewer: "How do you prefer I call you? Lady..Lady Gaga?"
Lady Gaga: "Call me Lady"

by Violet Voodz 10 months ago

“Who’s your biggest inspiration?”
This was honestly so beautiful

by Gor Gulyan 6 months ago

She makes me wanna be my classiest most original self

by mel i 1 year ago

I love how in all these vogue interviews they’re walking around peoples houses and gaga is just like “imma sit here and your gonna deal with it”

by FBI 5 months ago

my personal style is.


she’s such an icon i can’t-

by h4nn14 1 year ago

“i would like to be remembered for the message of born this way” she’s such a queen i love her 🥺🥺🥺

by Ashton Zautke 4 months ago

She’s so classy when she answer every question ✨❤️

by Avelovinit 2 years ago

"What's your favorite place to view art?"


by Richie Beck 1 year ago

Interviewer. "Can you show me a hidden talent?"
Lady Gaga. "Sure."
Lady Gaga then goes Reptilian and eats him

by Def Style 1 year ago

What if she went
“Don’t call me gaga”
And the interviewer would have said
“You amaze me”

That would be golden.

by Niko Art 2 months ago

Why are they social distancing 😳?
Did they just predict the future?

by Sabahat Fatima 5 months ago

she's so beautiful and well-spoken

by jessiepaege 2 years ago

I love how she has double personalities
"Lady" as in the classy elegant Lady Gaga who acts and sings jazz and ballads
and "Gaga" as in the crazy extravagant overly glamorous superstar

by POP DATA 4 months ago

"Can you reveal to me one of your beauty secrets?"


by Eros Erfe 1 year ago

Ok is it just me or do Lady Gaga and Scarlett Johansson sound very similar?

by Isabel M. 6 months ago

Aw, she’s absolutely the cutest. I love how real she is.

by Lonely Potato 7 months ago

Interviewer: “Can you show me a hidden talent?”
Lady Gaga: “No”

by Jasreet 2 years ago

2009: i prefer to be called Gaga
2018: Call me Lady

by E D ! T 0 R 4 months ago

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