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73 Questions With Gigi Hadid | Vogue

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Supermodel Gigi Hadid has a schedule packed full of flights and photoshoots. In-between trips from New York to LA, Gigi invites Vogue to IMG's offices where she takes a shot at answering 73 Questions. Gigi tells us who her girl-crush is, shows off her boxing skills and ranks her favorite Taylor Swift songs..
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73 Questions With Gigi Hadid | Vogue
Created by: Joe Sabia

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Vogue photo 1 73 Questions With Gigi Hadid... Vogue photo 2 73 Questions With Gigi Hadid... Vogue photo 3 73 Questions With Gigi Hadid... Vogue photo 4 73 Questions With Gigi Hadid...

I am pretty sure Zayn's and Gigi's baby will call me ugly in 1000 languages.

by I ain't giving a shit. 2 months ago

“73 questions with Harry Styles” is my current dream!😫

by Madhu Suresh 5 months ago

"do you ever wanna have kids some day" I'M SOBBING I WASNT READY

by Heather w 6 months ago

She’s pregnant, she’s gorgeous, she’s funny, she’s kind, she’s Zayn Maliks gf SHES PERFECT

by Nadia Poling 6 months ago

I'm here after her pregnancy news who else

by N N 6 months ago

Zayn and Gigi's baby definitely won the genetic lottery:)

Edit: so happy for Zayn and Gigi

by Georgia Rose 6 months ago

I literally thought Bella was older than Gigi 😳

by Kendra Harris 7 months ago

so Gigi's real name is Justin and Selena's ship name? wow.

by millennialbaby 5 months ago

Anyone's phone switched to selfie mode when she said "ok Google"? I had to start the video over again 😆

by suellASMR 4 months ago

gigi: takes one selfie and looks absolutely stunning
me: takes 123456 selfies and look like a run-over rat

by Navarro Toledano Jimena 5 months ago

Okay ! So Gigi hadid is a model , meaning she's pro in fashion , she can paint well , she won masterchef , was volleyball captain and does horse riding and boxing!!!!! How can someone be this perfect !!!!????

by Tanvi Uppal 10 months ago

Who’s here after Gigi’s pregnancy news!!!! Dayummmm, she grew upppp.

by Tanaya Paliwal 6 months ago

I didn’t expect her to be like this. She seems cool... not what I thought she was.

by Yen Amoroso 10 months ago

“do u ever wanna have kids someday?” and now it’s rumoured she is 🥰

by Millie Wilson 6 months ago

She looks like a teen but her voice is deep af😂

by Ti Ya 8 months ago

Interviewer: Do you wanna have kids someday?
Gigi: Yes

And now she's pregnant, I feel happy for her.

by Kate Angela Zabala 6 months ago

"do you ever wanna kids some day?"
Anyone here after her childbirth?

by Dina M 1 month ago

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