13 Presentation Design Tips to Create an Awesome Slide Deck

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Do you need to create a presentation to share in front of an audience? Be sure you create a slide deck that is both beautiful and informative. To help you out, we've put together 13 presentation design tips you need to know. Then get started with Visme: https://www.visme.co/presentation-software/
Your presentation design matters. While your words and information are equally as important for keeping your audience engaged, no one wants to stare at a white slide with black text filling it.
Instead, you should be taking advantage of colors, shapes, icons, illustrations, photos, fancy slide layouts and so much more to really create the perfect presentation.
This is why we've put together our top 13 presentation design tips – to help you wow your audience and create the best slide deck they've ever seen.
Watch this video to learn more about these presentation design tips, 0:44 Focus on one idea per slide
1:35 Use two or three fonts max
2:22 Pay attention to visual hierarchy
2:54 Keep it less than six lines of text
3:38 Don't use bullet points
4:15 Create strong contrast
4:47 Stick to two or three colors
5:26 Add audio and video
5:51 Stick to one image per slide
6:32 Use high quality graphics
7:05 Use data visualization
7:33 Make it interactive
8:03 Keep transitions and animations consistent
You can also click through the above links to learn more about the points that are most relevant to you. Honing in on the skills that you need the most improvement on is the best way to better your presentation design.
Want even more presentation design tips? Check out the blog post version of this video that includes design tips, presenting tips and more: http://visme.co/blog/presentation-tips/

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