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Visit Wauwatosa

#VISIT Milwaukee #Travel & Events
Experience the historic charm, family fun, bustling shops and vibrant culture of Wauwatosa. A different kind of day starts at http://www.VisitWauwatosa.org.

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searching for riot, err protest footage and saw this. lol

by CJ 4 months ago

Eat your heart out Pure Michigan

by pax1880 4 years ago

Wauwatosa just keeps getting better and better.

by Ideoform Sun 1 year ago

I was doing research on early Wisconsin History. I read the an article about Peter J. Vieau. His sister was Josette wife of Solomon Juneau.....Milwaukee’s first permanent white resident and later Milwaukee’s first mayor. Peter was fluent in several First People’s languages as his family had been fur traders for several generations.He noted the Wisconsin dialects had more vowel and constant sounds that European languages. He felt a better translation for Wauwatosa was not “Little fire fly”. He preferred “Lost Brave”.... To give a modern example...the Thai language was 32 letters plus 5 tones. Change the tone & you change the word. I saw old documents that wrote the French inspired Ouisconsan and later it was Anglified into Wisconsin. The French had asked the First People what they called The Land and then they wrote it down as they heard it...

by Alexius Nemo 2 years ago

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