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Toni Kroos reacts to Real Madrid's 3-1 win over Liverpool.

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Toni Kroos was in sublime form as Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 in their UEFA Champions League quarter-final first leg.
The German midfielder spoke post-match.
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Virgin Media Sport photo 1 Toni Kroos reacts to Real... Virgin Media Sport photo 2 Toni Kroos reacts to Real... Virgin Media Sport photo 3 Toni Kroos reacts to Real... Virgin Media Sport photo 4 Toni Kroos reacts to Real...

Ronaldo leaving this midfield trio to go play with Bernadeschi, Ramsey and Arthur should be a crime in Football 😭

by Russel Stephan 1 month ago

"I couldn't believe how easy it was"

by lunga lunga 1 month ago

Madrid could've easily scored 5 goals yesterday

by Anurag Mishra 1 month ago

His English is much better than some English players.

by Abhay 1 month ago

It's funny how german fans bash toni kroos but he's WC at real madrid lmao

by neph ilim 1 month ago

Holy f*ck, his English is spot on for someone who only play in German and Spain 😂😂😂✌🏻😁

by Gunners4Life 1 month ago

what a fantastic football player the best midfielder in the world

by Kyle Muckian 1 month ago

Bro this guy doesn’t realize how good he is... he doesn’t realize how hard his job is...

by C M - 7 1 month ago

Naby Keita 60m
Toni + Luka + Casemiro 66m

Let that sink in LOL

by ARIYANZA 1 month ago

Man I don't even understand how Tony finds this much accuracy in his switch passes,
Passing machine🔥🔥

by OWN## 7 1 month ago

One of the best midfielder alongside kdb, bruno fernandes, modric

by Tech Hindi Prime 1 month ago

Kross is the most underrated midfielder in football history.
When he retires i think he'll be known as the best 50/50 midfielder in football history.
Amazing defence and next level out of this world passing and Vision

by יונתן אביבי 1 month ago

They call him 'The Waiter' . He delivers on a silver platter.

by Its me Joe 1 month ago

He's happy but knows their a second leg. Not overconfident/relaxed, knows their is still a job to do. I like that mentality!!

by Enrique Rico 1 month ago

I love how he corrected her,

"Smaller teams, not small teams"

by Sameer Indorewala 1 month ago

“It’s my job” - Roy keen is proud of you Kroos

by kartik handa 1 month ago

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