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How To Choose the Right YouTube Category for your Video

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Every time you upload a video to YouTube you have to choose between categories like comedy, entertainment, and gaming, which could potentially all apply to the same video. Which YouTube category is the best to use for your videos and why should you use one category over another YouTube category? Today we show you how YouTube categories work and that, ultimately, you don't need to worry too much about which category you use.
1. No music nor sound effects.
2. No text nor logos.
3. Keep it brief.
4. Include your name and channel URL in the "message" field.
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I'm not sure if that's a thing, but one of my videos that has more views then all others get paid much much much less then other videos. And this video has a "Music" category while others having "Films and Animation" category. I dont know if that makes sense, but for now i think it is.

by DaFuq!?Boom! 3 years ago

What would you list review (LEGO) type under?

by HeyThatsMike 6 years ago

Thanks for reminding me about Category. I ALWAYS forget about it and lump all my videos in "How To". Your kids are too cute and by the way: YOU ARE THE FATHER!! They are split image of you. Thanks again!

by DiscoveringNatural 6 years ago

Like the "don't stress too much" comment on this vid. I think titles and tags are more important in reaching out for viewership... and of course content. Good video, your kid is a character. :) Thumbs up!

by Gung Ho Vids 2 years ago

Very helpful! I also had the same idea that all my videos are for entertainment, so they should go into entertainment. Seeing it from the perspective it was made for helps choose appropriately. Also, I'm wondering how having your kids in the videos is affecting the analytics. For example, I have liked these past two videos because your kids are adorable. Haha. 

by NerdSync 6 years ago

It doesn't do anything anymore. It only ever mattered back when you could search by category and youtube featured videos from each category on the home page. Nobody uses categories anymore. It's probably entirely disconnected from the search algorithm by now. It's like that broken switch in your car, that hasn't worked since you bought the car and isn't labelled. You flip that switch up and down, and watch and listen and have a friend walk around your car to see what changed.
The reason you can't find out what that switch does is that it's not connected to anything. The wire behind the dashboard has snapped. The switch is still there, but whatever it used to do is broken.

by mellowb1rd 3 years ago

I think key words are more important than categories. Most folks find content through search. 

by Bethintx1 6 years ago

Youtube needs more categories. Like spirituality. ..they should take a note from chapters lol

by Adelle Ramcharan 6 years ago

I couldn't stop smiling and laughing through this video.   It's so nice to see the realness of being a father and an informative presenter at work.  Good job and great advice as always.

by Veltis Angel 6 years ago

Categories affect how ads are chosen too!

"The Adsense ads displayed on your video are determined automatically by our system based on a number of contextual factors relating to your video. These factors include but are not limited to your video metadata and how you categorize your video."

by muwen360 6 years ago

I never search a category. I just do searches

by TowMan127 4 years ago

I never understood why they never had a "hobbies and craft"  catagory.  Stuff like scrapbooking,  rc cars,  coin collecting,  knitting, metal detecting,   etc.   Many things just end up being dumped into "science and technology".   I really don't see why they have catagories anymore,  it seems like keywords and tags rank higher than anything.   I don't know anyone who browses  certain catagories to find a video they are looking for.   

by TAOFLEDERMAUS 6 years ago

Kid: laughing..
Man: I'm glad you find that funny
Man: *stops camera
as I was saying..

by Soleagle 1 month ago

I love that you included family in this review! Great job and thank you.

by Cinslee 7 months ago

that kid is just a little version of him hahh hes cute tho

by ESK PIX 3 months ago

Thanks for validating my thoughts - It doesn't seem to make any difference.
What about language i.e. English vs UK English (for example) & country?

by Steve Mack 1 year ago

Thank you very much for the tips Sr.! And your son is so funny XD Keeps laughing about everything ahah :p Cheers!

by DarkDevilGaming 6 years ago

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