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Who Are The Rattlers? - The Last of Us Part 2 Hidden Lore

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Who Are The Rattlers? - The Hidden Stories of The Last of Us 2.
VGS - Video Game Sophistry

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For those of you speculating IF the Rattlers did in fact trick Abby and there Fireflies are no more - I think I figured it out:

by VGS - Video Game Sophistry 1 months ago

me realizing that ellie literally destroyed an entire faction in one day 👁👄👁

by miguel padrid 1 months ago

Love that moment where Ellie realises she’s been bitten again and she’s just like “yeah I wouldn’t worry about that”

by Thom Sexton 1 months ago

I'm from Santa Barbara and I can definitely see the people here turning out like the Rattlers

by Isaiah Weddle 1 months ago

I know the rattlers section was fast and seemed rushed but I honestly think it was just to show that every city has a different group. Whether good or bad.

by Israel Ruiz 1 months ago

First game ends with Joel single-handedly dismantled the entire firefly faction

Second game ends with Ellie single-handedly dismantled the entire Rattles faction


by cheng zheng han 1 months ago

This is one element of the game that is praise worthy. It’s interesting to see how different factions adapt and survive in the world. Some are paramilitary like the Fireflies and some are evil slave driving assholes like the Rattlers. Makes me think what other twisted groups are out there.

by Garrus1995 1 months ago

I wish they would have elaborated more because I was so interested by the Rattlers more than any other rogue faction in TLOU.

by yyves wings 1 months ago

I like the rattler boss, he shoulda got more screen time

by AyZeD 1 months ago

Could the “fireflies” just been the rattlers, saying they were fireflies to draw people out to make them slaves

by Chedda Cheese 1 months ago

People point out Logic being the voice for the smaller rattler, but the bigger rattler was also voiced by Abby's voice actors real life husband.

by John Villegas 1 weeks ago

They seem to take pleasure in watching their "slaves" turn into infected, this really goes to show how each member of the Rattlers that we encounter is devoid of humanity.

by Kurt Lebron Atillo Alovera 1 months ago

let's put our weapons near our prison cell and hope no one escape and take our guns to kill us...

by Monirith Sethy 1 months ago

I’ll be honest I liked the Santa Barbara epilogue a lot

by Eric Brockie 1 months ago

Ellie in TLOU 1 killed a whole gang of cannibals and in TLOU 2 singlehandedly destroyed a group of rattlers and freed all slaves. What a badass!

by oxcow99 1 months ago

The Rattlers were so evil that they literally change Ellie's entire outlook on the world and forced her to concede that Joel made the right decision.

by Pound For Pound King 1 months ago

the notes were the best story part of the game for me personally, i really loved finding peoples writings in the game

by damianson56 1 months ago

Fun fact: that skinny guy that Ellie threw into the clicker was actually voiced by Logic.

by 3jdpa 1 months ago

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