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Facebook Fraud

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Evidence Facebook's revenue is based on fake likes.
My first vid on the problem with Facebook: http://bit.ly/1dXudqY
I know first-hand that Facebook's advertising model is deeply flawed. When I paid to promote my page I gained 80,000 followers in developing countries who didn't care about Veritasium (but I wasn't aware of this at the time). They drove my reach and engagement numbers down, basically rendering the page useless. I am not the only one who has experienced this. Rory Cellan-Jones had the same luck with Virtual Bagel: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-18819338
The US Department of State spent $630,000 to acquire 2 million page likes and then realized only 2% were engaged. http://wapo.st/1glcyZo
I thought I would demonstrate that the same thing is still happening now by creating Virtual Cat (http://www.facebook.com/MyVirtualCat). I was surprised to discover something worse - false likes are coming from everywhere, including Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia. So even those carefully targeting their campaigns are likely being duped into spending real money on fake followers. Then when they try to reach their followers they have to pay again.
And it's possible to be a victim of fake likes without even advertising. Pages that end up on Facebook's "International Suggested Pages" are also easy targets for click-farms seeking to diversify their likes. http://tnw.co/NsflrC
Thanks to Henry, Grey, and Nessy for feedback on earlier drafts of this video.

#ads #facebook page #fraud #advertising #buy likes #veritasium #likes

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I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh . But i am a real fan of Veritasium

by Raihan Rana 4 years ago

It's 2019 and facebook still does this. I just tested this this week

by Yusuph Wickama 1 year ago

Facebook's whole business model is a fraud. Someday, everyone will realize that.

by Bill Taylor 1 year ago

Mind blowing. When someone says something is a "fraud" I don't expect much, but in this case it was a legit demonstration.

by Deyvson Moutinho Caliman 1 year ago

The dislikes are from Facebook.
I'm a real fan of Veritasium from India, by the way.

by Madhu Vottery 10 months ago

FB ads are still same in 2018. I wasted money on Facebook Ads and I made a video on that today exposing Facebook ads

by Career Code 2 years ago

here's a genuine like from the Philippines 😁 your content is great!

by Maki 1 year ago

You know what draws real Facebook engagements?
1: Directed anger towards a common enemy or becoming the enemy
2: Echo chambers for fans of popular things and people with an interspersion of controversy so they react hastily

by nightvisiongoggles1 1 year ago

"US State Department paid $630,000 to acquire 2M fans." The bureaucracy is at it again.

by Pelikenesis 1 year ago

Facebook should be destroyed. Anything that's good about it a clone-site would accomplish better, without the bottomless greed.

by Angry Foreigner 4 years ago

You just didn't want to say it, but I understand that Facebook is CLEARLY using clickfarms :))

by Shufa sau Stefun 1 year ago

Wow, I didn't know I could get the most important SEO lesson of my life here.

by Guest User 1 year ago

I get an error message every time I try to share this video on Facebook. I'll try it again after I've found another video I want to share.

by Bert Visscher 1 year ago

You just confirmed my ongoing suspicion! I have yet to experience any meaningful engagement as a result of Facebook promotion and Facebook in general. It is in my opinion the greatest scam ever perpetrated on man. Instagram included. Thank you for the detailed scientific analysis and research. Great job!

by Bryan A 1 year ago

Deleted FB, no regrets.

by Ed 3 years ago

I already used to love this channel!
Now i love it even more!♥️👍

by CHHIREE SHERPA 1 year ago

Austria ftw! Yes, we are very loyal to good content, keep up the great work!

by Martin Haslinger 1 year ago

Thank you! I just created a couple of new Fb pages for my music groups,
and was considering paying to boost my posts, but I won't do it now
because of this very helpful information. You're the bomb, Derek!

by Elise Curran 1 year ago

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