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Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #18 (Final Episode)

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Whatever you do, watch until the end. The final episode of Hidden in Plain Sight is an emotional roller coaster that will make true fans both cry and leap for joy!
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Vat19 photo 1 Can You Find Him in... Vat19 photo 2 Can You Find Him in... Vat19 photo 3 Can You Find Him in... Vat19 photo 4 Can You Find Him in...

All of us at Vat19 are sad to say goodbye to this series. However, we're beyond excited about our newest cast members (Sloane! and Miles!) as well as the return of an old friend.

by Vat19 1 month ago

They should’ve done one more episode so it would’ve ended on “19”

by A.i.R 1 month ago

5 years later:
It’s the end of the day. Jamie is putting away his stuff and cleaning up the office. Suddenly, he hears a sound. It’s strange. It’s familiar, but he hasn’t heard it in years. He looks for the source of the sound. He notices a buzzing from inside his desk. Beneath piles of papers, he finds an old cellphone. He lifts it up and answers the FaceTime call. The light illuminates the dark office. A figure in a dark room stands in front of the camera.
”Hi there Jamie.” says the figure. It pulls off a ski mask to reveal... its Danny. ”I’m ready for season two. Start looking; I’m in the building.”

by Adrienne Kaio 2 weeks ago

Me: sits down in sadness chair because Danny and John are leaving
new guys come in
Me: Welp, guess it’s time to get up
Me: Sees Eric
yeets sadness chair out the window

by Goblin Gurl 1 week ago

Joey: shoving Jamie in a van blindfolded

Me: at least give him candy

by The Ruby Show 1 month ago

1 year later: Jamie gets a message that says Ready for season 2?

by Darwin Loko 1 month ago

Now we’re just gonna see “Who was here after Danny and Jon left?” Or “The last time I was early Jon and Danny we’re still here”

by Valerie Lin 1 month ago

The whole series in a nutshell Jamie: Work. Danny: No

by ethan lu 3 weeks ago


by POTATO 1 month ago

Who else is sad that Danny and Jon are leaving but are happy for their YouTube channel!

by Puzzles and More 1 month ago

1 year later:

Jamie is cleaning the desk in his office, the day is ending yet again. He smiled at the memories he made in this game and at Vat19. Suddenly he hears a familiar sound. Danny’s text tone. There’s a video linked to a message. “Ready for round two?” He clicks on the video. “This is the real finale. Everybody begged for a 19th. That’s what they asked for. So it’s the last time. I’m in the building. Come get me. And, there’s a poking stick right outside your door.” Jamie smiles. He looked outside his door. A big styrofoam hammer. Round two.

by Stitch_Playz 2 weeks ago


me: jamie that’s the whole dang POINT

by Zainab Shahabuddin 1 month ago

“I don’t think he’s gonna play with me anymore”

by sawyer7 sevans 1 month ago

4 years later:

Danny: “You see, that was a Red Herring.”

by Miguel Olandesca 1 month ago

My heart sinks when Jon said that they have a new full time job, but I am so happy for them at the same time.
I've been watching this channel for a long long time, I even created fan art and got comment from Jon and being shown in the video when I was in high school. Now I'm about to graduate from collage! What a blast.

by tai Staber 2 weeks ago

"this thing is tiny, it's only like 3 inches"
Me:😢it's not that small

by Jye decent 1 month ago

Plot twist: Season 2 is hidden in plain sight.

by Adrienne Kaio 2 weeks ago

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