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Chris Evans and Paul Rudd - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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Paul Rudd ("Living With Yourself") and Chris Evans ("Defending Jacob") join Variety Studio's Actors on Actors #AtHome where the two Marvel alum discuss their time as superheroes on the billion dollar franchise and transitioning from the big screen for TV..


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Variety photo 1 Chris Evans and Paul Rudd... Variety photo 2 Chris Evans and Paul Rudd... Variety photo 3 Chris Evans and Paul Rudd... Variety photo 4 Chris Evans and Paul Rudd...

When two people, who don't like talking about themselves, have to talk about themselves.

by Saiyera Rehmina Neha 1 month ago

We need a tom holland and robert downey on this

by Daryl 1 month ago

Chris: Sorry, I'm scratching my dog.
Paul: Oh is that what you call it?


by Clarisse Baluyot 1 month ago

Paul Rudd may be drinking baby blood, but Chris Evans eats a thesaurus for breakfast.

Edit - Thank you so much for the 1k likes, guys.

by Udit Gor 1 month ago

“why don’t you age? are you drinking baby blood?” everyone say thank you chris evans for asking the question of the century

by Sherly Annisa 1 month ago

Evans is a millionaire and has an iPhone 6 lol he’s really modest.

by kelisleiter 1 month ago

I appreciate variety NOT editing out everything Evans assumed they would

by Oldoylesblues 1 month ago

Im a straight man but Paul Rudd and Chris Evans. Damn.

by K J 1 month ago

There is no bigger paul Rudd fan than Chris Evans

by Jasper Vaillant 1 month ago

I feel like i'm watching two dads have an awkward conversation at a barbeque and it's glorious

by Bree Sutjiono 1 month ago

Why is no one talking about how perfect the bookshelf and the wood framing of the chandelier line up in the split screen shot?

by Longmatey 80 2 weeks ago

Chris: "Full disclosure I forgot this was today too so hahaha....I'm sure they'll edit that out."
Narrator: "They did not edit that out."

by Luke Cureton 1 month ago


by peachesgarcia 1 month ago

both these men represent what non-toxic masculinity looks like. what a wonderful interview

by heretustay 2 weeks ago

I love that Rudd was like "I thought this was supposed to be an hour later" and Evans is like "I forgot it was today!"

by Bobbie Miller 1 week ago

I can't be the only one who, glancing at the title, read "Rich Evans" and was very, very hyped.

by Azatdawn 1 month ago

Chris evans acts like a golden retriever so happy talking to his friend, Paul rudd being a super chill schnauzer answering

by 그린불 1 month ago

First of all, Paul Rudd is a fucking legend and a hero for being as normal and kind as he portrays in his characters. The man doesn't make a bad movie or show. He's magic. Second, I enjoyed Chris in Push, The Losers and him as Human Torch, and his other super hero gig, but have any of you seen Gifted?! Holy shit, that's an incredible movie. Chris and his co-star Mckenna Grace are just unbelievable.

by Scott T 1 month ago

Literally no one in this world:
Me: waiting to hear Evans say “I don’t wike it”

by Martina Marocchi 1 month ago

We need a Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds one that would be interesting lmao

by viva hate 1 month ago

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