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Among Us Funny Moments - On the Fastest Speed!

#Secret #Puncake #Trolling #Epic #Gaming
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I love seeing them all play together again

by Captain Sapp 3 weeks ago

Vannos: its Marcel
Everyone: its vanoss

by Lets Guac 3 weeks ago

This is the most addicting game since gmod.

by OG Loco 3 weeks ago

vanoss: valid reasoning behind guessing someone
everyone: hmm kinda sus

by c unt 3 weeks ago

I feel like this is one of the games that ruins friendships.

by Hunter Hinojosa 3 weeks ago

Vannos amazing video yet again โค๏ธ

by Pluto V2 3 weeks ago

that's Karma Marcel
Karma: reverse card

by Jerry Wu 3 weeks ago

Vanoss: *breathes*
Everyone: t h a t s k i n d a s u s

by Gage Corliss 3 weeks ago

Vanoss:guessing someone is impostor with reason
Everyone:sus af
Vanoss:lying when impostor
Everyone: I believe you

by TOXIC CHICKEN 3 weeks ago

everything about this video felt fast, the gameplay, talking, etc

by Mario Vang 3 weeks ago

The summary for the Among Us vids :
Vanoss : gets it right
Everyone : hmm...kinda sus

by Alice Min 3 weeks ago

Vanoss: Reports a body
Everyone: That do be sus tho

by Jared Navarro 3 weeks ago

Basically: Its vanoss
(A parashock reference)

by Ancient Night 3 weeks ago

When Vanoss is right
Everyone : sUSPiCous

by Duck Lord 3 weeks ago

Iโ€™m surprised vanoss still makes gaming videos since heโ€™s a successful musician now

by J Halona 3 weeks ago

Vanoss: "Its Marcel"
Marcel: "Uno Reverse Card!"

by Molotov Duck 3 weeks ago

Vanoss: thatโ€™s karma right their folks . Gets licked in the eye

by Landen Rahming 2 weeks ago

They sound like they're on some hardcore drugz.

by Ashton Djaio 3 weeks ago

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