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Ariana Grande Eats Ice Cream With the Cast of 'Scream Queens' | Vanity Fair

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Ariana Grande, Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, and Billie Lourd of SCREAM QUEENS engage in a friendly competition of guessing ice cream flavors while blind folded.
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Ariana Grande Eats Ice Cream With the Cast of 'Scream Queens' | Vanity Fair

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Vanity Fair photo 1 Ariana Grande Eats Ice Cream... Vanity Fair photo 2 Ariana Grande Eats Ice Cream... Vanity Fair photo 3 Ariana Grande Eats Ice Cream... Vanity Fair photo 4 Ariana Grande Eats Ice Cream...

I hate that they used Ariana in all the promo but killed her off super early

by Yumeko 2 years ago

Why “ARIANA and the Cast of Scream Queens”
and not just “The cast of scream queens”?

by Pao 2 years ago

They all don’t even seem like they have to act for their role in scream queens

by Aliya Anne 1 year ago

"Ariana grande AND the cast of scream queens..."
the shade, the shade of it all

by Lena 1 year ago

2015: no
2016: still no
2017: nah
2018: maybe
2019: let’s recommend this

by aesthetiic babyy 1 year ago

-spoiler alert, it’s probably the vegan one
ari, being vegan

by jens skzz 1 year ago

Really awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere...

by ChaosFountain 1 year ago

the title should be:

Ariana being annoyed for 2 minutes straight

by Na3robi Jr. 1 year ago

Omg imagine Ariana grande feeding u

by Molly Mixer 1 year ago

I love Emma Roberts.
“See that’s how you know I’m not a cheater, BeCaUSe I SAw tHe CarD aNd Didn’T SAy AnYthIng.”

by Gloria 11 months ago

Ariana looks like she's questioning why she signed up for this trash at the end of the video.

by Angelic 1 year ago

Emma has such a personality
People might get intimidated

by Jesus Christ 1 year ago

“but Billie won” poor ari so scared to speak up

by Jackie Wilkins 1 year ago

Why do they put ARIANA on top of them all she appears in like 3 episodes.

by David Konevky 1 year ago

billie and ariana where the only ones i could stand they other where beyond getting on my nerves...

by x smith 1 year ago

Ariana is like the shyest our of them all

by Spaniel Days 3 years ago

Dude why does Abigail breslin look so snobby and like Emma's pet without speaking 😂
Are they acting?

by Saylin yinyang 1 year ago

the fact that they all act exactly like their characters 😂

by lovelylady89 1 year ago

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