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How to Make Millions In the Next Market Crash

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Robert Kiyosaki has a sit down with Patrick Bet-David to talk the economy, the coming market crash and how to prepare for it. Subscribe to get the full interview when it comes out http://bit.ly/2aPEwD4
Here are the links to the books discussed of Nassim Taleb.
About the guest: Robert Toru Kiyosaki is an American businessman and author. Kiyosaki is the founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videos.
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Robert Kiyosaki has a sit down with Patrick Bet-David to talk the economy, the coming market crash and how to prepare for it. Order Who Stole My Pension

by Valuetainment 6 months ago

🇺🇸 Donald J Trump will win the election on November 3 2020 🇺🇸

by master yoda 7 months ago

“I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.”
My favourite quote at the moment

by jx ta 5 days ago

Robert Told us to get guns, gold, silver, real estate, have a small/nimble business , have a pack of wolves with you, and don’t be a wuss. Can’t argue with none of that advice

by ChiefKene 6 months ago

"Americans live in a fishbowl, everyone can see in but they can´t see out." what a quote.

by LoCoMoTiVe 1 month ago

"Don't change the world, change yourself."

by Soson Haokip 6 months ago

"Everyone can buy a $20 silver coin, but they wont. They will suck it down everyday at Starbucks". - Robert Kiyosaki 2020

by Andres Robles 6 months ago

Who else are actually becoming more productive and getting more things done in this Corona-quarantine time?!

by peaceful-parenting 6 months ago

All respect to the interviewer Patrick, for continuing to bring the point back over and over to "How can a regular person prepare for all this doom and gloom?" And everytime... Robert Klyosaki side steps the question with some vague answer, or somehow ties it back to one of his books...

Not saying Robert isn't an intelligent investor.. but we get it.. You went left when the world went right... but you're making all of us apparent "suckers" seem inevitably destined to be shepherded down a path that we'll have to "survive and become stronger" - yet I didn't really hear any sound advice that normal, everyday people can do to better prepare.. But props to Patrick to keep driving home that question.

by bryguy07 6 months ago

For those of you that are whining about Robert not giving out his secrets, to find out you'll have to do something rather old-fashioned and pick up Robert's books. Then you gotta do something crazy called reading them.

Reading can permanently damage your ignorance, so watch out.

by Chick Bowdrie 5 months ago

At some point Robert kept dodging a question that the average viewer is here for but Patrick kept repeating it until we got a solid answer. Thank you Patrick for not just ignoring it like so many others would. You really are brilliant in these interviews. Looking forward to the next one as usual.

by Noah Vellacott 8 months ago

What a coincidence... The corona virus is fatal to mostly old retired people..

by Ahmed Mohammed 5 months ago

Don't hate, the man knows how to sell his book. Im going to rent it from the library cuz i dont know how to invest, but I do know how to cut costs.

by Christina Gurrola 5 months ago

As an adult u can go hungry but seeing a kid hungry brakes my heart

by Iosif Bortan 5 months ago

I have appreciated Robert Kiyosaki these past years but my impression is that he has become so self involved and pompous and seems so excited about making more money, but no real humanity or real interest in righting the ship. Just take care of yourself.

by Scott Clegg 5 months ago

Robert is a master of not answering any questions but just talking of his books

by Dino Vukusic 7 months ago

This guys feels fraudy and evasive. Rich from selling books telling people how to be rich.

by Stan Getz 2 months ago

"Don't change the world change yourself." Damn I love that

by Donaldo Trumpito 5 months ago

Patrick: "Do you consume content?"

Robert: "What's that?"

Patrick: "Content online. You know, cat videos, Tik Tok memes, Onlyfans."

Robert: "Oh heavens yes. I study constantly".

by Taylor Patterson 5 months ago

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