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This 200 IQ strategy EXPOSED the Impostor WITHOUT seeing them in Among Us

Valkyrae photo 1 This 200 IQ strategy EXPOSED... Valkyrae photo 2 This 200 IQ strategy EXPOSED... Valkyrae photo 3 This 200 IQ strategy EXPOSED... Valkyrae photo 4 This 200 IQ strategy EXPOSED...

Rae: "I'm pretty confident Toast self reported"

Myth: "I think Val is 100 iQ'ing this"
Syd: "I think so too"
Toast: "Wait wait wait, hang on, also.. 100 iQ is very average"

by Dorohedoro 1 month ago

I love how sykkuno always suspects rae and hes right most of the time

by ShadowRazer 189 1 month ago

"I wouldn't kill off my only alibi.... I mean, unless its sykkuno" -Rae XD


by Kounsavanh Nelson 1 month ago

i love jodi screaming in the background: "SYKKUNO!!!!!!!!!!!"

by Waecholo 1 month ago

Anybody else kinda terrified when she does the laugh????

by Jake The Viking 1 month ago

Rae just 5headed the 5head master of among us, i cant belive my eyes

by Dr Derp 1 month ago

hahahaha I laughed so hard

by •pROBlemz• CODM 1 month ago

Valkyrae is my FAVORITE impostor! I've watched a lot of people play this game, but the joy that comes with watching her run around bisecting crewmates, cackling evilly all the way, is second to none!

by Emeryld Kitsune 1 month ago

Only OGs remembers when my guy said “100 IQ strategy”

by Rylan Mazarello 1 month ago

Toast getting a taste of his own “medicine". Good job Rae!!

by Shih-jay Wang 1 month ago

The graceful girly music playing background
me:dying of laughter 😂

by Eleonore Skavis 1 month ago

rae's laugh is honestly scarier than my mom with the chancla

by owoKyle 1 month ago

“Did you see the blinking red light on the camera?”

by Sophia Redwood 4 weeks ago

When Rae is 600 IQ because she killed TOAST First

by THE Kamikaze 1 month ago

Rae should be the voice of someone in a Disney movie, such a unique voice!

by Flocky 1 month ago

Valkyrae: Let’s do O2!
Me: (Watching her do reactor)
My Brain: Logic.

by Phosphorus LOL 1 week ago

Rae put all her imposter games from the past 2 weeks in this one video.

by Troy Moore 1 month ago

I feel like Rae is a psycho with a moral compass and games like this let her be her true self

by Vi Phan 1 month ago

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