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Halloween Kills - Next Halloween (In Theaters October 15, 2021) (HD)

Next Halloween Kills. #HalloweenKills

Universal Pictures photo 1 Halloween Kills - Next Halloween... Universal Pictures photo 2 Halloween Kills - Next Halloween... Universal Pictures photo 3 Halloween Kills - Next Halloween... Universal Pictures photo 4 Halloween Kills - Next Halloween...

Three years later and this lady is still wearing that damn Christmas sweater...

by CZsWorld 4 weeks ago

I can't wait to see HALLOWEEN ON ICE! Always wanted to see this man ice skate!

by FuturisticHub 2 weeks ago

that awkward moment when you blew up your house for nothing

by Chip Chipperson 4 weeks ago

COVID can't kill Michael because he's always wearing his mask.

by Eugene Steven Kong 1 week ago


by Gorey Bits 4 weeks ago

2041: Jamie Lee Curtis is still gonna be fighting Michael in a wheelchair.

by Solace 4 weeks ago

Fun Fact: Michael Myers decided to help stop the spread of Covid by cutting down community transmission.

by Broofus les Doofus 4 weeks ago

Halloween Kills
Halloween Ends...
then.. Halloween Begins
Halloween Rises
Halloween Falls

by love 4 weeks ago

Its not A Halloween movie if Jamie Lee Curtis doesn’t yell “MICHAEL”

by TheThrillest 3 weeks ago

Kyle Richards running faster than she did out of that Amsterdam restaurant

by Sk8ingcoach 4 weeks ago

I can already hear his voice...


by North Carolina Boi 3 weeks ago

Micheal Myers: Sorry everyone i have not killed anyone this halloween due to Covid-19. I will try again next year.

by Steve LeBlanc 3 weeks ago

I can’t believe COVID had us miss this last month and now we gotta wait a whole brand new freaking year

by Empowered CRB 3 weeks ago

I like how they aren’t just focusing on Laurie’s family but a whole community!

by Cutie Menu 2 weeks ago

Dammit why couldn’t he come back in 2020 he might have killed Covid.

by S A 4 weeks ago

I like how in his last movies, Michael doesn’t care about anyone other than his family. Like, his main goal was just killing the relatives. Now, he’s just killing anyone that he comes across.

by Horton 4 weeks ago

I’m so hyped for this movie. I heard that before all the movies were getting delayed a few critics saw it. A very small number, but some people did see it. And apparently all the reviews were good. One person claimed it was like Halloween on Acid. So I’m pretty hyped for this one.

by Samuel’s Piano Covers 2 weeks ago

Okay but i can't wait to see Kyle Richards character again

by Eglantine S 4 weeks ago

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