LeBron James Dominance, NBA News, and College Hoops

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Lebron James is absolutely dominating people in the NBA over the last two weeks, setting an NBA record for most consecutive games with 30+ ppg while shooting over 60%. He's been on a whole nother planet than everyone else and has the Heat on a roll headed towards another NBA Finals appearance. Who will meet them from the West? OKC? the Spurs?.
Also, it looks like nobody wants to be #1 in the NCAA College Basketball rankings, as Duke, Michigan, Indiana, and Louisville have all been upset at the top of college hoops. Which team is built to make a late run in March? What about everyone's favorite Cinderella team? Let us know what you think and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the Uncut Sports Show for all of the latest in the NBA, NFL, College Basketball, MMA, UFC, Boxing and More!.
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